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Joe Solmonese Was Certainly In His Element on The Hill Today

You might’ve heard that while the Human Rights Campaign was hosting a “virtual lobby day” (encouraging folks to call their legislators, which it does with every email blast), it was also hosting a press conference demanding lawmakers do something involving making law, or something. Rep. Patrick Murphy was there! And they had a bunch of speakers to parade in front of the cameras, including Jarrod Chlapowski, a five-year Army veteran and Korean linguist. And he wants back in!

Oh, and this guy talked too:

Meanwhile, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley revealed today for the first time publicly his thoughts on DADT. Namely, that he wants it gone. Testifying today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Donley responded to Sen. Carl Levin’s question: “I support the president’s efforts to change the policy and change the law in this area.” Responding to Sen. Joe Lieberman, Donley said “[unit cohesion] does not depend on gender or orientation, it depends on conduct.”

That puts him in disagreement with his direct boss, Chief of Staff Air Force Gen. Norton Schwartz, who last week told the House, “This is not the time to perturb the force that is at the time stretched … without careful deliberation. And two, should the laws change, our standards of conduct will continue to apply to all airmen.”