John Amaechi Will Totally Cut You In Line

We have to be honest, we’d never heard of John Amaechi until he came out earlier this month. In fact, had you asked us whether or not we thought he sucked dick, we’d probably say “negatory”. You know, because he’s so big and strapping and all gays are fey creatures of the night. Apparently we’re not the only ones to be so stereotypically judgmental. Amaechi tells Popnography’s Shana he used to have the hardest time getting into the homo bars:

…In the past my biggest problem wasn’t that I didn’t want to go places. It was that I’d show up at gay bars and they wouldn’t let me in. They’d be like, ‘You’re not gay. You’re obviously not gay.’ …Other places I’d show up and, ‘You’re absolutely not gay. Kiss — him!’ Kiss some random person in the queue!? Now I’m hoping my reputation will precede me.

Bitch ain’t been out a month and already she wants to be treated like a queen. Indeed!