John Barrowman Cancels Comi-con Panel After Receiving Personal Threat


One of the world’s most precious natural resources is in danger: John Barrowman, the lovely hero of Torchwood and Arrow and Shark Attack 3 and Central Park West. You may also know him from the video in which his husband accidentally showed his dick.

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John was supposed to appear at Montreal Comic-Con, but had to cancel at the last minute due to threats. Yes, it’s very odd: threats, in Canada, the nicest country on Earth? It’s unfathomable. Here’s John’s statement:

“This morning an email was sent that directly referenced me and In light of recent events, I’ve decided to take the advice of my management and family as they were concerned for my safety. We are working with the convention to arrange for security that not only keeps me safe but also all of you who come to see me. I’m really sorry I have had to cancel my panel and photo ops this weekend. I will be signing later today once security has been arranged. Please check with the promoter and social media for updates on where and when I will be signing.”

So weird, right? Why would anyone want to commit violence in this of all ways? What a huge bummer. But the good news is that we’ll still be seeing more of him, since he just announced that he’ll be appearing on two more DC-related shows: The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Neat.

It’s a real shame that John had to cancel the appearance, because he’s an absolute delight in person. Here’s our favorite of his appearances, in which he invites cosplayer extraordinaire Justin Saint up on stage to sing a song from Les Miz. Awesome.