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John Boehner’s House Votes To Spend Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars On Defending DOMA

In a 3-2 vote along party lines, a House panel opted to defend DOMA in court, taking over the responsibility from the White House, and handing House Speaker John Boehner and win. Leave it to Nancy Pelosi, the former speaker who voted against the measure, to point out how much such a defense is going to cost taxpayers: approximately, a lot.

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  • kernelt

    in a congress control by bigots and idiots, we can’t successfully oppose any bad act, but to let them happen and later use it as an evidence of how incompetence they are.
    Aren’t they the one who propose budget cut in education, health care and other important programs? going with their motto cutting deficit for the betterment of this nation, yet would thoughtlessly spend on defending a discriminatory act. I guess they can’t associate with is good and bad for the country as they might think.

    P.S. that fuck’n face sure look like the Grinch and I bet he is…

  • Jim Hlavac

    And those are gay tax dollars he’s using, too. Which we should begin to point out loudly and clearly.

  • TomMc

    So the three Republicans on BLAG voted TO defend DOMA? What about their “states’ rights” stance?

    Why would any American person committed to marriage equality vote for the Republicans after this…??

  • TomMc

    …or the notion that it’s up to the individual states to set marriage policy?

  • CJ

    Pelosi is the last person to start complaining how much something costs. She’s the one who pushed through billions of dollars of spending over the past 24 months. Throwing money at the wind would have been more productive.

    On the other hand, I agree with the perspective that there is value in continuing to fight DOMA. We can’t just let the issue die. Republicans won’t change the law. The battles are being won in the courtrooms. So, let the Republicans try to defend a law that is unconstitutional. It won’t work & LGBT legal victories will have greater reach this way.

  • Schteve

    Attacking Boehner et al. for doing something that costs money is ridiculous.

    Not only is the cost of this going to be minuscule in comparison, but it’s not like there’s any net loss for the government since the Department of Justice can now spend its money on better things.

  • Bobby8283

    Really? About all I can say to Mr. Boehner at this point is:

    Can you say RE-CALL Mr. Boehner?

  • Soupy

    Can we use some taxpayer dollars to wipe the orange off him and stop him from crying?

  • Little Man

    How much is giving all couples of homosexual behavior ALL the benefits of motherhood going to cost? (add to that the Federal benefits for ANY two guys who want to sign up for civil marriage, blood-related pairs, and a grandma and a minor, etc.)

    Yes, you answer the same question Pelosi.

    Fed. money is gotten from taxes from ALL States. It cannot be used to provide benefits to ANY two persons wanting to sign up for free benefits. The Feds. are broke as of now.

    “Respect of Marriage” is discriminatory. Why not subsidize all other kind of other couples, too?

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