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John Galliano Didn’t Say That Woman Had A ‘Dirty Jew Face,’ His Defamation Lawsuit Insists

Unlike most things in his life, Dior designer John Galliano isn’t taking his suspension from the company lying down. Having been temporarily sacked from the company for a fight at a Paris cafe with Geraldine Bloch (and her boyfriend Philippe Virgitti) — calling her a “dirty Jew face” and an “ugly, ­disgusting whore,” saying she had “ugly eyebrows” and “cheap thigh boots,” and threatening to kill Virgitti, who is Asian and was allegedly called anti-Asian slurs — the fahsionisto is now suing the couple for defamation, claiming he has witnesses who were at the La Perle bar on Thursday night and can attest he said nothing derogatory about the couple. So how long before gossip items appear, sourced to anonymous fashion designers, taking swipes at Galliano for saying uncouth things about different races?

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  • Paul A.

    I totally believe the couple and I’m glad that Galliano was temporarily sacked.

  • Oli

    It all seems very unlikely to me. Why would Galliano do that? Maybe he just cba with Couture week.

  • alan brickman

    Jon isn’t like that….

  • hf2hvit

    Regardless of anybody else’s face he may attack, he is ONE ASS UGLY SO-CALLED MAN…a waste of human space

  • Holy Shit!

    “ugliness” = waste of human space? nice…

    i’m so ugly i don’t deserve to be alive, much less go around demanding to be acknowledged as human, and god forbid i consider myself the equal of others. how dare an ugly person make such presumptions?

    regardless of whether jon galliano is innocent or not, the rhetoric of devaluing others by calling them ugly is shameful and cruel; it betrays an inner corruption that no degree of physical beauty can ever mask.

  • Joseph

    He obviously did it because he thought it was ok and he’d get away with it. Some yes men were probably in the background egging him on and laughing at his insults like they were the funniest things in the world.

  • TTime

    He looks like he should be in 18th century France with a white powdered wig.

  • gina


    They gave him a breath test and he was twice over the french limit for drunkenness (which would be .1).

  • Oli

    @gina: Yeah, I guess. That said, I do get very drunk sometimes and I don’t have this kind of outburst. I just reckon someone like Galliano has a lot to lose and is very vulnerable to those types of allegations. Just the subsequent trial by media does huge damage in itself. Obviously if he did do it then he should face the consequences!

  • hf2hvit

    @Holy Shit!: He looks pretty damn ugly to me which would seemingly match his personality…kind of like yours!

  • hf2hvit

    @Holy Shit!: But it’s just fine for him to be calling somebody “dirty Jew face”? Did your mother have ANY abortions that survived?

  • Holy Shit!

    You do realize none of this has been proven, right? Obviously, what I said applies to him just as much as it does to you. If he really did say ‘dirty jew face’ and all the rest, then that is indeed awful; I never said it wasn’t. If he did say those things, then he is completely in the wrong. I merely said that calling people ugly (and using that to devalue and dehumanize them) is heinous and cruel.

    My comment was not a comment on the innocence or guilt of Galliano; rather, it addressed the hateful *rhetoric* of your own post. Whether he is innocent or guilty, it is simply vile to state outright that “ugly people” are “wastes of human space”.

  • TheInsider

    @alan brickman: Check out the video where he says “I love Hitler”. No, of course, Jon isn’t like that.

  • TheInsider

    @Holy Shit!: I think the video of Galliano saying
    “I love Hitler” and “People like you should be gassed” proves it alright, no?

  • Holy Shit!

    Oh. I just saw. How awful. I’ve always admired John Galliano’s designs, so this is really disappointing. Hopefully, he will learn from this and get over his racism.

  • andy

    I hope this is the end of his career. Sad.

  • Sug Night

    THIS guy is talking about somone’s face? Pot, meet kettle. You’re both black.

  • Oli

    @gina: Just seen the vid. Oh dear.

  • JG

    This man is my hero. Yes he’s a bitchy queen, and anti semtic. Guess what! Alot of people in european high society are. Its a cultural thing. Lets move on from it. He is a visionary and incredible artist. He doesn’t get paid to be a UN Outreach Ambassador. He designs clothes. And is damn good at it. The end.

  • hf2hvit

    @JG: Strange how somebody like you would be so celebratory in your own sick and hateful shortcomings. In some respects, you share the same face. Sad.

  • What


    really? you’re giving someone the pass to be anti-semetic ’cause it’s a “cultural thing”? really? at one point, it was a “cultural thing” to not like black people, or hello, gay people.

    so by your logic, if a person hates gay people, but can design a mean clutch, it’s just a-ok with you?

    what if a straight guy who races nascar said this, would you say, “hey, this guy is a virtuoso at the steering wheel, and besides, it’s a cultural thing to hate Jews, but hey, he’s just a race car driver”?

    you forget that high profile people also represent the brand that they work for. john, the hack designer, just brought down the entire image of the dior brand – and he did a great job at it. the end.

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