John Oliver Mocks The Boy Scouts, Pat Robertson, Vladimir Putin In Super Gay Anti-Gay Segment

John Oliver finally caught wind of the landmark Boy Scouts decision on The Daily Show last night. The hilarious host has been filling in during John Stewart’s vacation, but thankfully, his wit is just as sharp as our boy John’s.

“The Boy Scouts of America welcomes members with homosexual thoughts,” he said, “up until the age when they’re old enough to act on them.” We’ve been saying the same thing for months! And because no anti-gay coverage is complete without the insanity of Pat Robertson, Oliver also threw in an old clip where the Evangelical dinosaur said the new policy will “accommodate boys that wanna do sex with each other.”

Oliver spent the rest of the segment blasting the surprisingly super gay anti-gay protesters in France, and even included a softcore mom-porn reel of a shirtless Vladimir Putin. Sounds like someone’s been reading Queerty!