Johnny Weir Rocks A Huge Fur Coat, Shiny Gold Blazer And New Cruella-Inspired Hair

Out Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir attended alice + olivia’s New York Fashion Week presentation last night, wearing a giant fur coat, a leopard-print-style gold glittery blazer and a totally new hairstyle.

Of the new coif, he told us: “It’s inspired for Cruella DeVille, for a press conference.” That would the press conference announcing his return to ice-skating competition, including attempting to make the 2014 winter Olympics.

He also told reporters that he’s planning a bigger official wedding ceremony with new husband Victor Voronov, whom he married in a small civil ceremony just over a month ago. He joked (or maybe he was serious? one never knows with Johnny Weir) that he wants Lady Gaga to officiate the big event, which is to be pushed back to winter instead of a summer ceremony. If Gaga couldn’t do it, he said he’d settle for Sarah Jessica Parker.

He also said he might do a special skating performance for the wedding. Sounds pretty fab to us!

Click through for more pictures of Johnny’s over-the-top outfit!

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  • CBRad

    Does Johnny Weir actually think that coat makes him look good instead of revealing him to be a cruel lil’ scumbag?

  • Randile

    Well, proof yet again fame and money does not replace class or good taste.

  • BubbasBack

    What a loser. Burp.

  • christopher di spirito

    I hope that silly little bitch isn’t wearing real fur. If she is, it’s time to start throwing cans of red paint on her when she appears in public in protest.

  • JayKay

    That’s a bathrobe.

    She’s wearing a bathrobe.

  • CBRad

    @christopher di spirito: The little shyt was already criticized for always wearing fur (and for those of you who think I’m just being a PETA nut, or being overly-sensitive, if you research the genuinely awful ways animals are killed for fur coats, things I really can’t even get myself to cover here, you’ll have to agree) and gave an obnoxious inane answer about “there are other problems in the world too; I love the luxury of fur and will continue to enjoy the glamour of it..” without the slightest bit of conscience that, maybe, it really upsets some people…? I think he just likes to wrap himself in the agony of something that suffered so he could think he’s….something.

  • divkid

    just think, some dumb creature had to endure agonising anal electrocution for that coat
    — johnny’s anus is game for any perversion if you dangle a fur coat!

  • christopher di spirito

    @CBRad: I didn’t know this. Missy Weir needs to be hit with a can of nasty, smelly, oily red paint in protest. I would very much like to be the one to do it. I thought wearing real fur went out with the 1970’s? Guess someone didn’t get the message.

  • tjr101


  • Cam

    So basically he stopped getting invited to things and realized that he can’t maintain fame without actually skating.

    The fact that he is already married and now wants to do a big public wedding just to get some press is kind of pathetic.

  • ousslander

    You would think he clubbed some babies to death with all the venom spewed. As I’m sure the people complaining only eat meat or wear leather from animals that were killed in the most humane way, old age.

    IF I was wearing that tacky coat and someone threw red paint on it, they would be leaving with at least cracked skull

  • CBRad

    @ousslander: No comparison. And when you’re wearing your fur coat (if you’re as aware of what’s behind it as Weir is) you oughta have your skull cracked first and THEN get sprayed.

  • Expat - Queer Supremacist

    @ Ousslander – completely agree !

    The rest of you are a bunch of sad hypocrites – I doubt even one of you doesn’t own a product whose manufacturing did not requir “animal suffering”, bunch of idiots. Are all of you vegans ? Do you buy all of your animal products from bio-certified, ecological and animal-friendly producers ? I’d rather be a mink quickly electrocuted and made into a beautiful, permanent object than be a battery hen living in a small cage producing eggs for the rest of my life.

    I shouldn’t be surprised though with so many of the extremist commenters here on Queerty advocating physical violence and intimidation against fellow queers for not fitting into their narrow definition of what a gay man should/not be.

  • Charlie

    Bad Johnny, fur is murder.

  • DenverBarbie

    We are seriously slamming commenters for having compassion?!
    Even if all of the people above are not vegans or hippy dippy off-the-gridders, simply saying “NO” to fur reduces suffering. All efforts help in the fight to end animal cruelty.

  • James UK

    Love the fur coat Johnny and the wholly “fuck you” Cruella De Vil reference.

    And fur is not murder, any more than any other flesh that we eat or skin that we clothe ourselves with is murder. The fact that some people are particularly offended by the electrocution of furry rodents but are perfectly content to eat chicken several times a week, which are hung upside down, live, by their feet on an overhead conveyor, dipped into an electified water bath and then passed, still alive, across a saw which decapitates them, before being dropped into boiling water to assist in the removal of the feathers, is ridiculous. And mammals (cows, sheep, pigs, horses) are usually shot in the head with a bolt, enough to stun them, but not kill them outright, and then bled and butchered. Unless the killing is done according to religious rights, when the juglar vein is cut and the animal bleeds out.

    So to Miss Dispiriting and her chorus line, if you are all hardcore vegans who wear hemp shoes and only use organic cosmetic and household products with ingredients that have never been tested on animals and you refuse all medical treatments, including Tylenol, which were necessarily tested upon animals, then of course you have my admiration for your dedication and your zeal. But if you don’t, then you are the people that deserve to have something unpleasant poured upon you. Scorn.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    I appreciate that you acknowledged that there are some people who actually practice what they preach instead of walking the primrose path. It certainly isn’t an easy lifestyle (though it is easier today than it has been in years past). I also appreciate that you mentioned medical testing as it skips the minds of so many people. I try to avoid any unnecessary medication/medical treatments as much as possible. But I will admit, if treatment were necessary to survive, I’d take it. Sorry, cute fluffy animals. I might care about you but I care about being alive a WHOLE lot more.

  • CBRad

    You of the Johnny Weir cult just can’t get two points : animals for fur are klled by having things (let’s not get into what things) shoved up their asses (so as not to destroy the pelt). And fur is a luxury, not a necessity like food and medicine. Your arguments fall flat to anyone who’s not a totally selfish creature like your Queen Cruella.

  • CBRad

    (and, besides that, he looks like a doofus)

  • kevininbuffalo

    Johnny is a fame whore whose 15 minutes have been up since she hung up the skates. She’s becoming a caricature of herself. In picture 3 she looks like hell.

  • James UK


    But it isn’t necessary to eat flesh but it is enjoyable. And it isn’t necessary to wear leather shoes. But they are more attractive.

    And being hung upside down by the feet and then lowered into an electrified bath for stunning and then being passed over a circular saw for decapitation is less cruel because it’s a chicken and not some little furry friend undergoing gassing or anal electrocution? And we can all get by without KFC or chicken a la reine.

    And milk for your coffee or morning cereal? That involves the dairy cow being kept pregnant and then when she calves, the calf being removed within the day. Sometimes to a veal crate, usually to be fattened for a few weeks before being sent for slaughter for beef. The same fate meets most dairy cows once they are 4 – 5 years old.

    Humans have for hundreds of millenia hunted wild animals (and domesticated animals to farm) for their flesh or milk or eggs and for their pelts. The animal is a resource, whether it is for food or for its pelt or for trying to work out whether a chemical compound might harm or indeed advance human health. None of the methods of killing the animals are or ever have been nice, particularly not for the animal.

    Crying about fur isn’t an expression of moral outrage. It’s just moralism. And a pretty warped one too, particularly when it calls for the assault of a human. An animal is NEVER more worthy than a human being. EVER.

    Stop being a baby.

  • CBRad

    @James UK: Nobody is against moralism more than I am. My outrage at the fur freaks (and I don’t mean old ladies and people of past generations that still have their fur coats; they were clueless and shouldn’t be hassled) is genuine moral outrage. You trying to find loopholes in my arguments is just not going to work. And I will most certainly call for the assault of a human who I see indulging in deliberate cruelty. Some humans are not worth much : will you defend Ernst Roehm just because he’s gay? Or those who pour gasoline on dogs and burn them for sport? Or those who think it’s cute to put on a fur coat and call himself Cruella DeVille as a mockery to those who genuinely, nicely, asked him to stop wearing fur coats and maybe even make a public statement on that? Sorry, but it is an evil little creature, with no style, and deserves to have its ass kicked hard enough to knock it out of NYC and back to where it came from. I might disagree, OFTEN, with posters on here, but I don’t think they show pure evil, like this one.

  • CBRad

    @James UK: And your state “An animal is NEVER more worthy than a human being. EVER.” Shall I start the list of every human being, both past and present, I think most of us could argure is less worthy than any animal?

  • Expat - Queer Supremacist

    @No. 23 you could your start your list with some of the idiot posters on this site !

  • Shannon1981

    Wearing fur is disgusting. Johnny and anyone else who does it, no matter their justifications, are evil, selfish pricks.

  • breakingthisdown

    I don’t care how out this putz is. Anyone in a fur coat is immediately a POS in my book, and does NOT deserve their picture/name/face, etc, to be mentioned anywhere, nor any attention. Effing aye.

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