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  • paul f

    It was fun remembering and identifing all the scene clips that were used to make that video. I only missed out on a couple of them. Makes up for some of the cat fights I’ve read in the comment sections elsewhere on Qweerty.

  • randyman

    “Contact” is one of my favorite movies. Rent it! It’s Jodie Foster, by the way, not Jodi.

  • Ray

    Wow I think who ever created this got pretty much all the women of sci-fi. What was the name of the English series from the 70 or 80 what was shown other than Dr. Who. The one about people traveling in a spaceship. I think they were fugitives from the government.

  • Ray

    I found it. It was called Blake’s 7. I used to think it was as good ad Dr. Who when I was a kid.

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