Journo Blasts Leaders On King “Silence”

Journalist Sara Whitman lays the smack down this morning. Whitman’s absolutely beside herself over gay leaders like Joe Solmonese, Matt Foreman and even Melissa Etheridge’s respective silences on 15-year Lawrence King’s murder:

Who represents the LGBT community on a national and international stage?

Is there anyone?

Who was at Lawrence King’s funeral? Where were our leaders?

In this star struck culture, the way to draw attention to an issue is to put a recognizable face out front to draw the press out. Where were Joe Solmonese of HRC, Matt Foreman of NGLTF, Kevin Cathcart of Lambda, Kate Kendall of NCLR, Neil Giuliano of GLAAD? Ellen DeGeneres did her part, but what about the newly out Cheyenne Jackson? Cynthia Nixon? Melissa Etheridge? Where’s the song from Elton John? It takes leadership to bring make the kind of public statement that surrounded the Jena 6.

But we don’t have that.

That’s kind of real – except for the Elton John request. That’s just ridiculous.