Judge Chides McGreevey Maturity Levels

Jim and Dina McGreevey were scolded like children in a Jersey court yesterday.

The former first couple came to blows this week over their 6-year old daughter Jacqueline’s forthcoming birthday party. Mrs. McG fumed over the event, saying her homo hubby didn’t deserve an extra day with the girl because he and gay lover had Jacqueline over Thanksgiving. Mr McGreevey refused to move the appropriately themed circus celebration, which led to yesterday’s court showdown.

Judge Judge Karen Cassidy called the birthday battle “about the saddest thing she’d ever seen” and criticized the McGreeveys for letting their adolescent emotions trump their daughter’s safety:

The hatred that these two have for each other overrides everything, including their child…It’s just so out of control. This poor kid… I feel like I’m the only one protecting her.

Ex-Governor McGreevey took issue with Cassidy’s choice of words, saying, “I’d like to think I don’t hate anyone. Sometimes, yes, I feel frustrated, challenged…” The gay American also says he hopes he and Dina can be “friendly” in the future.

Meanwhile, Dina McGreevey insists she wants the best for Jacqueline: “I’ve always tried to protect my daughter and keep her out of the media.” Unless she has to use her as a weapon…