Judge And Murder Suspect Engage In Some Very Bizarre, Very Sexual Courtroom Banter


An 11-minute court hearing in Georgia turned very pornographic after the defendant and the judge butted heads.

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31-year-old Denver Allen is accused of beating his cellmate to death while both men were incarcerated at the Floyd County Jail in August 2015. Last week, he appeared before Floyd County Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham to request a new public defender in his case.

Allen told Durham that his current lawyer had requested to perform oral sex on him in exchange for “a good job” representing him in his upcoming murder trial. When the judge said he didn’t believe the allegation, Allen responded by telling him to “go fuck yourself.”

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Things quickly unravelled from there. Check out this eyebrow-raising transcript, shared by blogger Keith Lee


This was followed by Allen inviting Durham to “suck my dick,” then bragging about his donkey-sized dong and asking the judge if he could fit it in his mouth:


Things escalated with Allen saying he liked to “fuck boys.” Durham responded by asking if he preferred them “white or black.” Allen said he liked them white, and Durham said Allen looked “like a queer”:



More talk of dick sucking ensued:


Followed by some discussion of anal sex:


By this point both men were sufficiently fired up. Allen called Durham a “fuckman ass cracker” and Durham called Allen “stupid”:


Then Allen threatened to kill Durham’s family, to which the judge responded by telling the defendant he was “fixated on butts and dicks”:


The exchange finally ended with Allen offering to masturbate on Durham and Durham encouraging him to do so:


Durham, who may now have to answer to the state judicial ethics agency for exchanging extreme vulgarities from the bench, is not commenting on the incident, his office said. A former private attorney, he was appointed to the bench in 2003 by then-Gov. Sonny Perdue.

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