Just In Case You Forgot Why The Family Research Council Is A Hate Group…

When the Southern Poverty Law Center classified the Family Research Council as a hate group, FRC president Tony Perkins called it a political attack by a “liberal organization” and “the left’s smear campaign of conservatives.” Mmhmm. OK, gurl.

For the record, the FRC opposes the overturning of sodomy laws, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, anti-bullying programs in school, ex-Vice President Cheney voicing support for gay marriage, and parental support for gay children. By logical extension of their reasoning, they don’t want straight couples having oral sex (which falls under the definition of sodomy); they want us to have a smaller, less-prepared military; they want bullies to kick in the faces of small children; they don’t want any opposing viewpoints in their political conferences; and they want children to commit suicide.

Is it any wonder people listening to their campaign go out and bash queers?

Hate group? Nahhhh.

Video via Dave Evans of SuchIsLifeVideos

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  • Seaguy

    They are a hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center should be applauded for naming them as such.

  • dellisonly

    Pretty cut and dry if you ask me. I believe we should ban ignorance in this country. If that means a ban on religious practices so be it.

  • ~PR~

    This proves that Family is not always a good thing! ;P

  • Cam

    Amazing what prissy closet cases all the people in these anti gay groups are.

  • jason

    Tony Perkins is quite possibly bisexual or gay. It’s usually the ones who are acutely aware of their inner gay shame who are the most vociferous against our rights. Attacking our rights is a form of projection for them.

  • Jerry

    “By logical extension of their reasoning..” thats where you fail..if they haven’t made statements saying what you assume they believe then you are demagoguing

    Sodomy – they do have people who think sex(straight or gay) that’s not traditional vagina/penis sex as immoral.It’s their opinion..i don’t consider that hate. A lot of religions agree with that so…

    DADT – personally i think to fight for the right to join an organization that’s about imperialism and murdering civilians is not something to strive for. I saw a quote that said it best..paraphrasing..”For gays to fight for the right to join the military is like a white woman in the slave era fighting for the right to own slaves”

    Gay Marriage – not supporting gay marriage makes one a hate group? People have a right to their views and beliefs. By not supporting Islam would that make one Islamaphobic. Judaism Anti-Semitic? It’s normal in some Muslim countries to have arraigned child marriages.Is it hate to not support that?

    anti-bullying – I would have to read their statement on that as I’m sure it’s being twisted and distorted. I know some people are annoyed with the anti-bullying PSA because they feel it ignores other groups that bully and even gays that are the bullies.

    parental support for gay children. – i have to research it like the anti-bullying

    For the record i dont even like the group or religion but I dislike any form of demagoguing which happens from groups like them AND gay groups

    Anyone who doesn’t agree or support the gay agenda is considered a hate group. For my perspective gay groups are hate groups. The attack on Newt Gingrich is an example and before you say “it’s just glitter” how was he supposed to know that? If you think a stranger walked up to the president and was about to throw something on him you don’t think the Secret Service wouldn’t put them down? Organization’s like GLAAD trying to suppress free speech and freedom of expression.

  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a smelly crusty asshole.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    TP is a puke promoter.

  • hyhybt

    @ewe: Are you sure that’s the verb you meant to use? Or is a shorter one more appropriate?

  • TMikel

    Hate is hate and ATTEMPTING to gloss it under the concept of family values is obscene. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a beacon and bastion against all hate groups. I encourage you to donate to them each month, as I do. Any amount helps their work.

  • plaintom

    The Secret Service will never( I repeat never) have to worry about protecting President Newt Gingrich.

  • alienmindtrick


    Sodomy: Sodomy is defined as an evil by religions, not as a societal whole, in practice. Saying that “A lot of religions agree with that so…” is a package-deal fallacy. As it happens, the majority, and large groups, have been wrong before.

    DADT: Your entire argument is about your dislike of demagoguery but you state, “personally i think to fight for the right to join an organization that’s about imperialism and murdering civilians is not something to strive for.” As a veteran, not only do I find that statement offensive, I also find it wrongheaded. That some civilians are killed in the course of military operations is certainly regretable, but to imply that the organization itself is about murdering civilians is a fallacy of composition; you can’t blame the whole for the acts of a few, or the unintended consequences of taking action against a wrongdoing. In short, you’re engaging in demagoguery.

    Gay Marriage: Cum hoc ergo propter hoc – Correlation does not imply causation.

    Anti-bullying: “I would have to read their statement on that as I’m sure it’s being twisted and distorted.” Argumentum ad ignorantiam; argument from ignorance. You assume a negative based on lack of information.

    You were right about one thing, though: It’s not right to cast aspersions upon others when the same may be true about ourselves.

  • yeahimaqueen

    of course its a hate group

    even a kindergartener would know that

  • Abel

    What a disgusting human being Tony Perkins is. Complete SMARM. He is walking, breathing santorum. I hope his coffers run dry real soon, when his supporters figure out its lost cause and a waste of time and money. No doubt the Catholic Church is funding his group, just like it funds NOM.

  • Jeffree

    Why don’t these hate groups name themselves accurately? A couple suggestions may help them show their true colors:
    **NOM should become National Organization for Marriage Inequality (e)Xtremists (NOMIX)
    **Family Research Council can morph into Fact-free Fundamentalists Against Gayness (FFAG)
    **NARTH will make more news when they transition into “Not Actually Curing Homosexual Urges” (NACHU).

    Other ideas?

  • MattGMD

    I’m very suspicious of these allegedly hetero men that are so obsessed with The Gays and gay sex. The Family Research Council is famous for calling their narrow-minded positions “research.”

  • Mk_Ultra_Again


    We’ve heard your talking points before. The reason these groups are designated hate groups is because of their methods. They dehumanize, degrade, strip away a person basic human dignity and you agree with and support these tactics, therefore you are a hate group apologist and most likely a very hateful person yourself.
    Gay groups are hate groups? Nice try Jer, but when gay groups start throwing around words like pedophile, bestiality, incest, AIDS, in order to dehumanize our enemies in the public eye, bring violence upon them,get them fired, get them kicked out of their houses, then maybe that cute little statement you made could be anywhere near truth.

    Your hate of us is not a “moral difference”.That is a convenient scapegoat for your kind. It is however a psychosis brought on by years of ignorance, most likely starting in childhood. Your use of the propaganda phrase “gay agenda” shows your psychosis is deep and exasperated by an obvious cognitive dissonance. These hate organizations also have no “moral conviction”. Unlike you though, they do it for money.

  • Mk_Ultra_Again

    I don’t understand. i posted something perfectly valid that I don’t think is inflammatory in response to another user and my comment is flagged before posting than removed? Really? I’m too snarky for Queerty? Whatever. Won’t be coming to this site to get my LBGT news again.

  • Mk_Ultra_Again

    Opps saw that it’s till waiting moderation. Just ignore that last bitchy comment

  • hyhybt

    @Mk_Ultra_Again: I don’t understand that filter on this site. Unless it’s been altered under the new ownership, it sometimes picks up harmless posts for no apparent reason, and yet you see the bile that gets through (and gets flagged, then removed).

    The few times I’ve run into it, my comment stayed in moderation for days, by which time the thread was dead anyway. But the new folks seem to be more on top of the comments, so maybe they watch that better as well.

  • Anonymous


    Of course he is because anyone who has an opinion that doesn’t agree your world view is gay /sarcasm.

    By that logic then I suppose Reagan really loved Communism, Athiest really believe in God. That’s classic reverse psychology that is used to quite people from saying their feeling on homosexuality. Joe McCarthy 2.0 if you will.

  • Jeffree

    @hyhybt: I agree that the moderation filter seems quirky. The Queerty 2.0 staff seem to review messages more quickly than the last crew, but the whole process should get reviewed.

    @Anonymous. Using GoogleTranslate isn’t helping you express yourself in English. Maybe you could just write in your native tongue and somebody can translate it for us?

    p.s. You’ll be a more effective troll if you come up with a catchier ‘nym.

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