Just In Case You Forgot Why The Family Research Council Is A Hate Group…

When the Southern Poverty Law Center classified the Family Research Council as a hate group, FRC president Tony Perkins called it a political attack by a “liberal organization” and “the left’s smear campaign of conservatives.” Mmhmm. OK, gurl.

For the record, the FRC opposes the overturning of sodomy laws, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, anti-bullying programs in school, ex-Vice President Cheney voicing support for gay marriage, and parental support for gay children. By logical extension of their reasoning, they don’t want straight couples having oral sex (which falls under the definition of sodomy); they want us to have a smaller, less-prepared military; they want bullies to kick in the faces of small children; they don’t want any opposing viewpoints in their political conferences; and they want children to commit suicide.

Is it any wonder people listening to their campaign go out and bash queers?

Hate group? Nahhhh.

Video via Dave Evans of SuchIsLifeVideos