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Justin Bieber Looks Like Other 16-Year-Old Boys (And 18-Year-Old Lesbians)

Justin Bieber, the ridiculously successful pop act who makes fun of Mariah Carey, has a hairstyle that is either rivaling that of Zac Efron, or makes him look like a tweenage dyke. Of course, there’s a website for this.

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber (tagline: “i mean…you get it, right?”) begins and ends the trend of comparing the sixteen-year-old’s ‘do to that of gay girls. But not before we enjoy ourselves some double takes.

Caption, below: “It’s like college dorm bieber. You guys, what if there were bieber dolls, and they would be for different things, like college bieber and working at home depot bieber and eating chicken nuggets bieber…”

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  • Mike

    Remember that shitty show Small Wonder, and the brother of the robot (who was a total nancy boy)? I bet he’s related to Justin Bieber.

  • Jeff K.

    He’s 16? Looks more like 12 to me. :/

  • terrwill

    Saw him on View, he actually seems like a nice kid. Not too taken by the madness that surrounds him. And I was kinda sorta shocked by his performance…..The kid has a great voice and is a pretty good performer…….

    No. 1 · Mike: Did you get a call from obscurity today??? Used the googles and damm you are right on. Funny, they called the kid brother “androgynous”………….

  • Henry Holland

    I love the Internet so damn much.

  • terrwill

    @Henry Holland: Yes I totally agree! I have a feeling this internets thing is gonna catch on some day…… : p

  • Sean

    I can’t believe this twink had the balls to make fun of Mariah…I hope the diva has someone beat the shit out of him for that comment. He may claim the best days are behind her (in a 20+ year career) but he’ll be lucky if he lasts another 2 years in the business.

  • Dasher

    OMG, Justin is wayyyyy prettier than any of the girls on that website! More feminine too! You go, guy!

  • jason

    I think he needs to be protected from black men in the recording industry.

  • SouLKid

    Say that again?

  • Jeremy

    I really don’t care how much buzz this kid gets these day, but I found his music INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. I don’t have the right word to talk about a 16 years olds kid with a lesbian haircut and talk like some ghetto white kid who pretends to be black. This kid makes me three step closer to clicking on kiddies’ porn websites (I know, I’m digusting!!!)

  • Brian

    I think it’s creepy the way people act toward him. Let’s face it, he looks like a 12 year old boy!

  • deja

    i luv justin bieber.i love his song baby

  • deja

    also that ant right how people talk about him and say that he is guy but he ant and there is kids out there that was crying over him on youtube it ways so funny u should go in to see it.it is called a litle girl crying over justin bieber.

  • the crustybastard

    He looks just like Ellen Page in that photo.

  • nayenaye

    i just hate how people hate on justin bieber get a life juz kuz hes cute and its funny how boyz are tha 1’z talkin tha most crap juz cuz he’z cuter then u dnt mean ya hav ta hate so wutt gurls fall all over him therez a reason y kuz he can sing hes cute and hez an awesome personality but like they say ur haterz are your biggest fanz.

  • Enron

    Somehow I sense he is gay. I bet when he reaches that stage of his like Ricky Martin he will come out.

  • hilary

    @Jeremy: More like a 12 year old girl with short hair :)

  • zbeeblebrox

    So basically, instead of questioning whether Justin is gay, we should be questioning whether the girls who like him are gay.

  • keshia

    he really dnt look lyke justin bieber

  • joboo

    @terrwill: good performer that is funny. i guess if you call horible lip syncing good performing then he is. did you see him at the vma awards. worse lip syncing i have ever seen in my life.

  • rachel

    …. wow…. im just glad i aint u! and btw JB is probably WAY hotter than u!

  • rachel

    im with u rayenaye- if thats how u spell it…! :) OH AND BTW YALL! COOPER GLENN IS WAYYYYY HOTTER THAN ANYONE ( LOL )

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