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Justin Bieber Looks Like Other 16-Year-Old Boys (And 18-Year-Old Lesbians)

Justin Bieber, the ridiculously successful pop act who makes fun of Mariah Carey, has a hairstyle that is either rivaling that of Zac Efron, or makes him look like a tweenage dyke. Of course, there’s a website for this.

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber (tagline: “i mean…you get it, right?”) begins and ends the trend of comparing the sixteen-year-old’s ‘do to that of gay girls. But not before we enjoy ourselves some double takes.

Caption, below: “It’s like college dorm bieber. You guys, what if there were bieber dolls, and they would be for different things, like college bieber and working at home depot bieber and eating chicken nuggets bieber…”