Justin Trudeau’s Shirtless Surprise, Britney’s Backup Dancers Grind, Vintage Swimwear For Days

A shirtless Justin Trudeau emerged from the wild surroundings to surprise a family of hikers. The only thing we’ve ever found while hiking is a dead battery covered in sand.

This Versace ad has been making the rounds fro obvious reasons.

Since the Buzzfeed guys have done practically everything else under the sun, they’re back to try on vintage men’s underwear. Why not?

The slayage is real. Here’s Mayhem Miller totally nailing a performance set to the wicked opera jam form The Fifth Element.

Adam Lambert teases his look as “Eddy” in the upcoming TV Rocky Horror spectacle.

Eddie. #rockyhorrorpictureshow

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Britney Spears & sexy backup dancers descend upon Jimmy Kimmel’s bed. When’s it going to be our turn?