K-Town Gives You All The Reality Stereotypes You Want, Except For The Gay One

Let’s be honest—in a shallow, reality TV-loving sort of way. The reason we’re hooked on The Real Housewives and other assemblages of preening, narcissistic drama queens is, well, because they’re fun to watch.

Sure, in the real word of human interactions, their behavior would make our tummies rumble. In the privacy of our bedrooms, however, it’s like we’ve entered a fantasy netherworld where exaggerated human failings are magnified so exponentially that even our worst traits seem trivial and our ho-hum 9-to-5 existence is temporarily pardoned.

So is it any surprise that K-Town, a Korean-American version of all that is wrong with contemporary culture, made its debut on YouTube on July 11?

The show, hyped as a Jersey Shore vehicle set in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, is filled with the types of stock characters you’ve come to expect from the genre: the Diva, the Musclehead, the Party Guy, the Romantic, etc.

While we’ll leave the cultural deconstruction to others far more qualified, we couldn’t help but notice the absence of a certain character: the Gay One.

Stranger still, sexually ambiguous gay-porn actor Peter Le (link NSFW) was originally slated to join the cast but was later dropped. Was it because the producers were afraid to go there? Or because Le wasn’t playing the game right? “I know most of the people from that show, “ Peter told Queerty. “And they are really laid-back off camera. But in order to get ‘face time,’ you have to say these wild things that are completely out of character.”

Does that include “I’m not straight but I play one on TV?”