the shot

Kalamazoo’s Misleading ‘Special Bathroom Rights’ Propaganda


THE SHOT — A door hanger being distributed around Kalamazoo, Michigan, the scene of an on-going fight whether to enact anti-discrimination laws for that protects LGBTs in housing, employment, and yes, bathroom services. No, your eyes don’t deceive you: The clever wording about “special rights discrimination” is there to confuse you, and make you fear skeevy straight men will start invading women’s bathrooms. [via]

(Thanks, Andrew!)

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  • tonedef

    It’s worth noting that they’re using the same images that the “Citizens for Good Public Policy” used in Gainesville, FL in attempting to repeal all LGBT nondiscrimination protections. I wouldn’t be shocked if both attempts were funded by the same organization.


  • Jaroslaw

    They said there here in Hamtramck, Michigan too. Special Rights discrimination – very confusing, deliberately.

    Apparently “God” wants it to be confusing? Since that is who most of these people claim to work for.

  • Alexander

    I live in Kalamazoo, and this thing has just gotten out of control. At least a half dozen of my friends have been “asked if they would approve and ordinance supporting discrimination” by these people. Thankfully, all of them chewed out the idiots and sent them home crying. I can’t wait until they reach my door…

  • Brian

    When these religious people wish to hide their beliefs ( and the bigotry and homophobia), they simply try to confuse or scare people. That actually sounds a lot like religion itself.

  • Brian Miller

    Special Rights Discrimination? You mean they’re repealing laws that protect bizarre religious beliefs?

  • Spike

    Let’s be careful about generalizing, guys. It’s not only “religious” people that oppose the lgbt community or these types of propositions. Just as it’s not only god-haters that support them. By assuming so, you’re showing a form of your own bigotry.

    I know many many Christians, Muslims, and people from other religious sects that support my lgbt community. And I’m grateful for them.

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