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  • Cam

    You took a beautiful, wonderful moment in the life of the British Royal family, a time of pride, and touching sharing among the British people….and turned it into a sordid commentary on people close to the Royal Family’s sex life and possible homosexuality…..

    You have just restored my faith that the blog is in good hands. LOL

  • Rafi D'Angelo

    Not gay.

    Just an average (and average-looking) 24 year old dude having fun and being silly.

  • Q

    These photos are no more risque than any other straight dude on FB who thinks it’s funny to play gay in photos with his friends. He is pretty cute though.

  • divkid

    two words: *CAKE*. *DESIGNER*.
    case closed.

  • Dick

    Yeah, I can picture him with Harry.

  • robert

    Who really cares if he’s gay? Every cake designer is “gay”? NOT. Grow up, such an immature attitude and stereotyping too!

  • JR

    Nope. Any gay man who did drag would have better taste in footwear.

  • erichinnw

    Definitely not gay.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Mmm he is cute, love a sexy furry body

  • declanto

    @Dick: Not too dificult to picture him with Harry, weasier to picture my self with [email protected]Cam: Lulz, squeeze.

  • tjr101

    Cute, but not gay.

  • Ryan

    it’s called ‘Goofing Gay’.

  • Gil

    @Q: Not cute !!

  • alan brickman

    Just typical goofing around…nothing wrong with that….

  • Yaël

    Yum! One cake to go, please!
    Yes, I am taking him home!

  • G.I. Joe

    Not especially cute, and by these pictures, definitely not gay. AT least his friends aren’t, that’s for sure.


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  • Armand

    Gracious me but Mr. Middleton is just being a typical 24 year old.

    Must Queerty speculate that every good looking man is gay? How sad and amusing.

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