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Kathy Griffin Is Confident Gay Snark Can Beat The Palins In A Bitchfight

With Kathy Griffin making a sport out of attacking the Palins, the Palin Army is out for blood. But what if Kathy called up the Gay National Reserves, and had her homosexual foot soldiers throw down against the petty Palins? Then apparently we’d win the war with our innate sarcasm, snark, verbal wit — the weapons of champions.

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  • kevininbuffalo

    Kathy Griffin isn’t funny, she’s a bore.

  • iciyapitate

    I love her, think she is funny

  • Jimmy Fury

    So was it Bravo or AOL that decided to bleep rapier?

  • sam

    lolcakes “we both have reality shows, mine just one a couple of fucking emmys”

  • Bill

    @Jimmy Fury:

    I also did a double-take/rewind when I heard the bleep over what I thought was “rapier”. Turns out, I was right. Somebody, somewhere thinks it’s a dirty word. LOL.

    They probably need people with better vocabularies in charge of the bleeping.

  • Paul F

    I think it’s kinda obvious what happened. The person who did the bleep heard RAPE-er; as in sexual assault, instead of a “type of sword/sharp wit” sounding the same, “rapier”. It can happen if your job training is to hear the sound of a word and ignor the contextal sentence it was found in. When your job requires ear scanning for certain sounds for long periods of time day in and day out, eventualy you’ll run on “auto pilot” and not pay any attention to what is being said. (@BILL: it ALSO could be a computer program doing the bleep based on the sound of the word.)

  • Ted C.

    Maybe someone thought “rapier” meant “more rape-y”?

  • alan brickman

    another mediocre female comedian making money from gays that crave acceptance….really sad….

  • bystander

    sorry, Guns beat Snark

    just saying.

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