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Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ Is Now a Gay West vs. East Battle

It’s showtime at the gaypollo! The Washington Boys have already delivered their take on Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” Now here comes Ryan James Yezak (directing, and playing Snoop) with their West Coast v. East Coast showdown. Beach balls and popsicles, y’all!

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  • chadnnocal

    That s about as gay it gets.

  • Sean

    This is why we can’t get equal rights.

  • Andrew

    Good Lord – it is a Californian Twink Fest and as stated above by Chadnnocal its about as gay it gets. I am sure the boys had a lot of fun making this, good on you all! You have a lot more talent than I have.

  • Mike

    What is this crap? I mean honestly, what is this crap? I have just lost faith in the gay community.

  • Sam

    The “throwdown” two minutes in is sooo L.A. Angelenos have this chip on their shoulder about some imagined rivalry between NYC and L.A. and make such a big deal about it. What they don’t seem to get is that New Yorkers don’t give a shit.

  • jimmy

    I’M having an aneurysm right now. Thank you guys.

  • Casey

    By the looks of this video California boys are skanky, unproductive, immature, and can’t dance. Do these ‘men’ not have anything more productive to do? I’ll stay on the East Coat where the men aren’t as disgustingly shallow and stupid.

  • Casey


  • Ryan


    You’re correct. New Yorkers don’t give a shit.

  • gilber

    WHAT THE FCK!!!!! unbelievable!!!! oh well….(sighs)

  • Mike

    It’s all just so…frivolous and meaningless and bitchy and superficial.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    The guy playing the rapper is HOT! I wish Snoop didn’t rap, “No Weinies!” as this is certainly not the case.

    It’s definitely better than the east coast version with all the video effects.

    Spencer Reed –

  • Vman455

    To all the whiners, why on earth are you spending your time on this site watching this “shallow” and “frivolous” video and commenting on it? Surely you have more productive things to do with your time…? Or not?

  • Benny

    Those are some nasty skanks.

  • Blah

    @Sean: Yep. I can’t believe I wasted my time watching that but it was so stupid I couldn’t look away.

  • jonasjones

    It’s fun and creative. Everyone Relax.

  • Michael

    Isn’t California practically bankrupt? lol

  • Jaybo

    I don’t know, I think its great, it’s funny, clever and actually edited well, and Guy Branum was a nice touch. As for it not giving us equal rights, Really Sean, I don’t know how old you are, but when I was the same age as these guys in the early 90’s this would never have been viewed outside of someone’s home movies. I actually started laughing when the truck barreled through the NYC guys.

    It’s frivolous, silly, and fun, and I say ROCK on Ladies of both coasts, keep showing those 12-21 year old gay boys to whom these vids are directed, that they will have friends, will have fun, and that it’s gonna be OK to be themselves!

  • Damien

    @Jaybo I don’t know, I’m 19 and had to stop the video a minute in. I have to agree with @Mike, “frivolous and meaningless and bitchy and superficial” but then again so is the song. I’ll just stay on the east coast.

  • Sexy Rexy

    This….is so…..fucking corny!!!

  • Gustavo

    Yuck. Perpetuating more antiquated negative stereotypes about gay dudes. Ick.

  • Malcolm

    Why are West Coast gays so effeminate?

  • alan brickman

    Add another five years to the wait for equal rights…o well….

  • Caleb

    God so gross, fuck California. I’d gay bash them myself!

  • Pip

    ugh. i think these guys permanently melted my popsicle.

  • san

    i feel so embarrassed watching this video

  • Michael

    screw all you haters! Y’all are nothing but trolls. I was raised in the South East, but now live in Southern CA. West coast best coast! Hate the east coast bible belt thumping queeny queers. CA rocks. Don’t be jealous cause y’all don’t live here. It’s too expensive for you hatin’ jealous queens to live here.

  • Paid To Protest

    Activists are real men.

  • FanOfThat

    I don’t think it’s just a west coast/east coast thing, though. Believe me, gays in Manhattan can be just THAT bad. It depends more what town, or what clique, one is in, etc. there are plenty of Los Angeles homos who find this embarrassing too, I’m sure.

  • Brad

    come on it is funny. look at them dance around like women

  • Ryan


    Don’t flatter yourself honey. Noone is jealous of California. I live in the beautiful State of Massachusetts. We set the tone for the rest of the country, including California. Last time I checked, Cali was where the Bible thumpers were considering more than 50% of the residents voted against same sex marriage. Massachusetts and the East Coast States are GENUINELY liberal. We have the best universities and the most educated people. Based on this video, education and class are things ‘California Boys’ are lacking.

  • Lanjier

    I thought that was very nice. Very nice boys! But eat a few more hamburgers, OK?

  • Michael

    Ryan! I love Massachusettes! You do live in a great state & I wish every state had awesome politicians like yours has. Provincetown is awesome! So is Southy in Boston. CA does not have all queens. We do have a lot of gay MEN here. Your dream gay men. Attitude free too. West Hollywood is full of self loathing queens though.

  • Mike

    @Sean: This!

  • Satsuma

    Ew. I hate fun.

  • So Yo

    East Coast/West Coast rivalry? You guys are joking, right? What is this, 1995?

  • FanOfThat

    Michael : Yeah, Southy in Boston has the hottest dudes ever. A little rough, though! And, yes, of course California is the most varied state in the country. It’s huge! No one can ever say California is all just this or all just that.

  • Scott

    Maybe when I was younger I may have felt embarrassed by this but now I feel like we have to embrace most everyone (leaving out the malicious and mean – there are bad gays). These guys are just having fun. Sure, they seem to be a certain type but there are lots and lots of gay guys out there like them. To say these guys are embarrassing or setting back rights is to say people like this should not be as they are and that it’s ok for homophobes to hate us because some of us are like this and may not be like them.

  • FanOfThat

    Scott : Yes, that’s sort of a legitimate point, too.

  • William

    OMG! What grade are these guys in? Um, I only ask, because my mom will want to know.

  • Alexander

    That’s all they really want
    Some fun
    When the working day is done
    Girls – they want to have fun
    Oh girls just want to have fun

  • Cat Walker

    Now they are going to get their stilettos. This is tacky, trashy and certainly not funny like the Party in the fip video.

    Long live Connecticut.

  • SG

    Ugh, they’re so unattractive. I can’t get past a minute of that.

  • biatch

    LuVn it!!
    U grumpyguts ol queens go eat some raisin bran k?

  • DR

    Made it less than a minute in. Would it kill gay men to lipsynch to songs done by men? If I wanna see a chick performing a song, I’ll go look up Katy Perry’s video. So over the song and dance routines mimicking female singers.

    (the oonly exception were the army guys doing “telephone”, because that was genuinely funny and they knew it…. these guys take themselves WAY too seriously)

  • jonasjones

    Scott: Great Point… Also, lets remember the Stonewall Riot wasn’t instigated by a bunch of muscle men – it was stilleto heeled drag queens.
    And this video has nothing at all to do with civil rights, Massachusets, East v. West coasts, etc.
    Yes, it’s totally frivolous, but most of the best things in life are.

  • CT

    I thought ladyboys were performing in Thailand, not California…

  • Malcolm

    Why do some effeminate gay males insist on linking their effeminancy to gay identity? No, you might be effeminate, but most bisexual and gay men are not, so stop trying to perpetuate the notion that your effeminancy is tied to everybody’s homosexuality. It’s not. It’s one thing to showcase your effeminancy, but stop labeling it as gay. They should label it “Effeminate West v. Effeminate East Battle” and stop projecting it as gay. That is why the word has devolved so much.

  • Relentless Moxie

    Cool off, guys! It’s freakin SUMMER! Fire Is… Venice Beach… Pass the Bain de Soleil & let the good times roll.
    Sticking with this version, but lookin for one with cute dogs, or more racially & gender variant.

  • IveHadIt

    @Mike: This is a really stupid and disturbing trend Mike. Whoever said that gay men had to be nelly? Want to be like girls, act like women? Why? For the love of Harvey Milk, why is that? This is what most straight people see, foes and friends alike, and they think all gays can do is 1) think about porno 2) act swishy 3) be camp queens forever. It would be nice for a change to see a group of young gay men singing or dancing as men.

  • Tyrone

    Why does Queerty promote effeminate stereotypes of gay men?

  • Henry Holland

    If the East Coast/Midwest is so damn great, why are the freeways and streets here in Los Angeles so clogged up with you cunts? You don’t see us Cali people moving to Cedar Rapids.

  • TommyOC

    A few observations…

    NYC: A 30-mile drive to visit friends is an obscene thought.
    LA: “Typical evening.”

    LA: A little bit of rain brings us to a standstill.
    NYC: Monumental blizzards don’t stop us.

    NYC: Travel upstate for a ski weekend – but only in winter. MA and RI for summer getaways – but only in summer.
    LA: Let’s start the day skiing in Big Bear, and finish it surfing in Malibu.

    LA: Our people are meaner than you think.
    NYC: Our people are nicer than you think.

    NYC: Fast-paced, never sleep.
    LA: Relax. And don’t call me at 3am. Ever.

    LA: Cars.
    NYC: Trains.

    NYC: Art.
    LA: Media.

    NYC: Money is Fame.
    LA: Fame is Power.

    NYC: We’re where everything happens.
    LA: You might want to talk with anybody associated with this “Internet” thing…

  • FanOfThat

    All the dumb gays in NYC and L.A. are never from there originally anyway. They move there because they think it makes them glamourpuss. And the L.A. and NYC natives (even the hot homo ones) want nothing to do with them, and vice-versa.

  • Thom Freeheart

    That was fun and well made.

    And dancer Christian Beasley is the hottest thing I’ve seen on the net in a long time.

  • Michael

    I wasn’t expecting Guy Branham! Totally made my day!

  • Jorge

    The video would be cuter if it wasn’t so labored. I don’t know, just the editing must have taken at least a day or two — makes them seem egotistical.

  • sam

    @IveHadIt: ffs just deal with it. if y ou so want some “manly” men to be seen, why don’t u go out and record and edit a video.
    don’t complain because nelly guys can be bothered doing something like thi. we’ve every right to be as loud and obnoxious and swishy and femme as we want. clearly guys like this have always existed and will continue to do so, so stop complaining about some guys having fun… all it does is mke you sound bitter

    and clearly NYC does care, notice all the posts on here bashing california? if you didnt care, why bother?

  • hannah

    That video had a much higher quality than many other fan-made music videos. I enjoyed it.

  • IveHadIt

    @sam: You disgust me.

  • dt


    Why be so defensive about it, if you don’t give a shit? I think the people who made this video were just having fun. Nothing serious.

  • jason

    I think the point of this video is to take the piss out of the homophobic singer Katy Perry. Katy has been known to use the word “gay” in a disparaging sense in her song “U R So Gay”. Katy also has a conservative Christian background, and was herself a Christian singer before she decided to go pop.

  • Dollie

    @ No. 64-
    I think she’s fun to dance to, though I wouldn’t call myself a fan (I gave her a chance, though! Saw her at Warped Tour a couple of years back.). “UR So Gay” was pretty ridiculous. Not to mention, I cannot recall one song by her that didn’t play on some kind of gender stereotype or another. This is yet another shinning example!!

    I got a kick out of this video, however. Could have lived without the NYC vs. Cali showdown. The dancing was great! That Christian kid is talented!

  • adam

    I helped make this video and DUH, a few of us got together and decided to do a fun video. It’s called a satire! We’re making fun of ourselves and skipping around being little faggots. It was so much fun to shoot and I made a lot of friends that weekend. The world needs a lot more positive energy and love. I absolutely LOVE new york. I would totally consider moving there, I just really like the weather in Los Angeles and as a matter of fact, I AM A NATIVE to Los angeles, not some transplant in hopes of becoming a “glamorpuss.” It’s not about any REAL rivalry, and as far as putting together a video with “BUTCHER” guys or getting boys with better bodies, what the fuck?? It’s not like we sat around and tried to mastermind a way to make “gays in california” look as ideal and attractive to the “rest of you” as possiple. We’re not spokespeople for a group. There hasn’t been any exchange of money to perpetuate any sort of idea for any group at all. What the fuck? It’s the kind of bitter people that get online to sit and write negative shit for the sake of making themselves feel better that are probably the EXACT kind of people that never have any real fun anyways. I’d rather live out loud however I want. It’s a lot better living that way…

  • gilber

    i have to admit that despite the ridicule these poor kids are doing i get a nice feeling inside of me when i see young gays together like that, they are very lucky’s good to see gay people happy and having fun with a big group of gay friends like in this video, i still think they should be spending their time on something more productive like studying for the MCAT,PCAT or GRE, and not wasting their time dancing.

  • Jeremy

    Call me “jealous”, “hater” all you want but I am really bored at this video. Where is the playfulness I expected? You cannot call this “fun” when you saw how “seriously” these guys have taken themselves. Why did I feel like I just watched a dance audition for the next Lady Gaga’s video? The only highlight on this was Guy Branum. He’s the real “viral video” factor I want: real people who are not afraid of being silly. I want to see fat, furry guys in Bay Watch bikinis, Harley Davidson grannies shaking their asses, black chicks in BDSM clothes and fake chest fur, babies in diapers singing Ke$ha. Now that’s what I call “fun”. These guys who have no real job, wearing bikinis all year around and partying on a crazy island call “West Hollywood”? Boring. Next!!!

  • adam

    you’re a psycho.

  • donsnyc

    Wow! This made me not wanna visit Los Angeles, ever. I dont want to be somewhere with gays this vapid, plastic, bitchy, phony, superficial with the taste level of mainstream manufactured music.

  • Jason

    I felt gayer just watching this. At least they could have had cute guys in the video. The first California Gurls video was way better.

  • Jaybo

    @Damien: LOL I am right there with ya bud. The idea of NOT living in the middle of an urban center is an anathema to me, and growing up Center City Philly, I am a loft living Urbanite. When I go to the beach, I skip the gay Mecca’s of Rehobeth, Fire Island, and Asbury, instead I go to my house in Avalon, and in Philly I do not live in the Gayborhood. I love my gay brethren, but I do my own thing, and I am a big believer in allowing others to do the same.

    When I came out, I got the support and acceptance I wanted from the gay community, and then I went on with my life. It was simply an aspect of who I was. There were a TON of guys that travelled in packs like these guys, this was how they got their support, and formed their own tribe. They were fun, funny, a little crazy, and a LOT of fun to be around. I didn’t quite fit in with them, but I didn’t hate on them for being who they were. Simply because what comes around, goes around. So why be so hard on these guys?

    My whole thing is that gay comes in a LOT of shades, and it is a growth process, just like life. I have spent my whole life trying NOT to be judgmental, and to be pretty accepting of everyone, in the hope that I will, in turn, be accepted simply as a man. So far it seems to be working. I never fit in with the guys that made this video, the pretty boy, slightly girly, self important, “Look-at-me!!” kind of crowd, but why should it bother me? I have great friends, do cool things, and like my life, and obviously so do they!

    I may be completely different from them but I will be the first one to defend and support them. Because they are OUR queenie twink bitches, in the same way that they are OUR leather daddies, OUR bears, OUR lipstick lesbians, OUR drag kings and queens. Because you know that everyone of the “tribes” I just mentioned will be the first ones to defend you, when push comes to shove. And JonasJones is right, It was a bunch of Drag Queens that started the Stonewall Riots, not a bunch of suit wearing executives that led to where we are today.

    Maybe they aren’t as butch as YOU want them to be, or they are too over the top, but so what? Let them enjoy the ride, enjoy their friends, and in their own way keep making these PSA’s to the next generation of gays and gay allies. I think I will add making one of these vids to my bucket list! LOL but who really wants to see a 40 year old redheaded, art making, ex punk rocking POMO, semi muscle daddy, dancing around on a beach, although it would be funny as hell if I made all my straight friends the back up dancers

  • drake

    When are gay dudes gonna start recording videos singing songs by MEN?

  • Lukas

    If “gay comes in a lot of shades” along the gender identity spectrum, why do we always see the most effeminate end of the spectrum so much more than the masculine mainstream end?

  • Dexter

    I hate to hear someone refer to a male as “butch.” It sounds so “Big Gay Al” and retro. The word is “masculine.”

  • Jaybo

    @Lukas: Personally, I believe that due to the obviousness of their non heterosexuality effeminate men are less likely to be closeted. By being much more obvious to society as homosexual, they are responsible for the preponderance of information that forms peoples opinions about gays. Is it accurate? No. Is it fair to blame effeminate men for discrimination issues within our society? No. Should men who can “pass” be much more vocal about the fact that they are part of this sub-culture of society? Yes.

    This leads to a variety of tangental issues, fear of rejection within familial structures and society as a whole, fear of discrimination, etc. The majority of men that can pass are no where near honest enough about their sexuality, using phrases like “My sex life is no one else’s business, My gayness does not define me as an individual. My private life has no place at work” By passing, “masculine” men them selves help to preserve the stereotype that all gay men are effeminate. They become the invisible or part time gays, who only acknowledge their gayness in the company of other gay men or at times when the believe it is safe to do so. The internalized conflict and embarrassment of being one of “them” can cause irrational behaviors like the discrimination of effeminate men, a self imposed decision to be hyper masculine, a need to bed “straight” men, all in an attempt to pass as what is basically “un”gay. This occurs whether a man is out or closeted, but it definitely takes cues from the DL lifestyle, culture of machismo, and what has been taught to us over the years about what is proper behavior for men.

    As to the demand that more “masculine” gays be more visible, where exactly does anyone fall along this purported scale of masculinity? In my opinion, 60% of all OUT gay men fall somewhere into the effeminate category, from very slight mannerisms, all the way to a caricature of stereotypical gay behavior, myself included. As my friend Cathy said of me one time, “in a room full of straight men it is obvious you are not straight, in a room full of gay men, no one would ever realize you were gay as well”

    The men who are hyper masculine in their actions and behaviors are generally closeted in one or more aspects of their lives. The over compensation by these hyper masculine men to “keep up appearances” is bothersome and disingenuous. Particularly in that they are so insistent on their masculinity and the need to prove that they are men is indicative of an internalized homophobia or conflict within themselves regarding issues with their own sense of sexual self identity. To me it is a need to exert a sense of dominance over men they perceive to be their inferiors. And that all boils down to a fear of self. Why do we not see “masculine” men lip synching? Because they don’t want to appear gay, and they are afraid of what will happen if they do.

  • jack

    @Michael: The real haters are the Kalifornia bubble heads in this video, wishing death on the New Yorkers. Get your facts straight before you post again. I live (temporarily) in L.A. and it’s not about cash, it’s about class. I know you know nothing about class.

  • Nightstalker

    The video’s super-fun, the guys are cute, and most of the commentators here are hallucinogenically moronic. “Effeminate?” Dipshits.

  • GayForAll2000

    Impressive video! I loved the IMPROVEMENT on the original. How wonderful. Hope you didn’t run into this guy!!!

    Claims to be heterosexual – but he is about as gay as they come

  • ginagm

    i thought this was cute. i’m from ny and laughed SO hard at those dudes getting run over! putting Guy in there was an awesome touch too. i know he’s lost a lot of weight since then, but he might still have a cheeseburger or two or twenty that he can share with Christian Beasley? Yikes, that guy is scary skinny! do people honestly find that attractive?!

  • Russell

    Please guys, have a little bit more sense of humour and don´t take everything so seriosly. I think the video is wonderful, joyful and very well-made. I´ve laughed a lot. Sad to see that many gay people here are so homophobic and have internalized society´s prejudices. Gay people are as diverse as straight people. There´s not an only correct model of being gay. If we don´t accept ourselves, how can we expect people to accept us? Congratulations to the team that made this video.

  • Chris

    Wow these comments really show what a bunch of bitter, vindictive trolls a segment of the gay population can be. This video was done purely for entertainment purposes, so if you don’t like it kindly fuck off.

    Preaching that this works against the gay community and hinders equal rights is monumentally stupid and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. I guess you east coast dipshits completely forgot what freedom is all about. I may have an aversion to dating any of the personalities seen in this music video, but I sure as hell know they need to be tolerated and accepted. Your inability to accept them is no more homophobic than the people you’re relentlessly crawling to for acceptance (the heterosexual community). Quit trying to separate them from you, it only makes YOU look like a worse human being.

    Fucking pathetic. All of you.

  • Chris

    By the way, one more thing to clarify for those of you who are ignorant and jumping to conclusions. This video added what was a tongue-in-cheek “confrontation” between faux NYC homos and LA homos.

    Guess what? 80% of the people seen in the video are from fucking Kansas. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

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