Breaking Boundaries

Kazakhstan Celebrates Its First Gay Wedding

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Kazakhstan hosted what is believed to be the country’s first gay wedding. Karolina and Kristina got married in the Northern town of Karaganda, which has roughly 15,000 LGBT people. Because same-sex marriages are not officially recognized in the country, a local gay club provided the couple with a “special certificate.”

“We too want to experience the full happiness of getting married,” they told Vox Populi. The Kazakh Voxpopuli website first posted the pictures of the couple celebrating their union.

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The pictures came as a surprise, as many were not used to seeing same-sex couples celebrated on the website. The couples story has been the most read and discussed on the site. But the debate hasn’t meant only insults or complaints. There were plenty of supporters.

“Well done, brave girls!” one user posted.

Congrats to Karolina and Kristina for breaking down boundaries and getting married!

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[Photos: BBC]