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Ken Mehlman, Suckling At The Teat of a Marc Maron’s 30,000-Feet Tweets

Comedian Marc Maron, whose business cards should now and forever read Awesomest Person On A Plane Post-Steven Slater, found himself upgraded to first class — and seated next to former GOP chairman Ken Mehlman. So after Ken nodded off, Marc thought it’d be an opportune time to have a blast with his wifi connection at 30,000, updating his Twitter with all sorts of Kentwats. Then he emailed the photos, in real time, to Gawker, and by the time the plane landed Ken was reading all about his own flight on his phone.

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  • sarid

    you misspelled teat.

  • pete

    OK, so maybe I live under a rock and have never heard of Marc Maron before, but WOOF!

  • the crustybastard

    The thought suddenly occurs to me: if I was Ken Mehlman, I’d never eat or drink anything I didn’t personally prepare or remove from a package.

  • Rick Brannon


    This guy is an asshole and needs to STFU.


  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Normally I laugh at anything, but this is infantile.

  • Michael

    Gee, what grade is he in? He’s cool. My Mom won’t let me fly by myself.

  • William

    I’m assuming Marc is self-employed with some equally slap-happy clients. Otherwise, these monkeyshines will likely find him in the unemployment office, filling out forms with his shirt buttoned.

  • Matt

    Get over it. Or just keep sh*^ing all over anyone who doesn’t spend every second of their day second guessing as to whether they’re being as sensitive a crusader for gays as you all expect. He was having a laugh. Mehlman deserves all of it. Choose your battles, morons.


  • RomanHans

    Marc Maron can put anything he wants on my forehead.

  • Samuel

    @Matt: You use; Maron, moron, and nerdcock, all in one comment. Got it.

  • Nick

    Is MM gay? I saw his comedy once and he struck me as someone who could be either gay or straight.

  • Matt


    He’s straight

  • Jon

    This guy is a douchebag. Are you supposed to be able to use cell phones in flight to connect to WiFi? Plus, it’s not really cool to be so rude to someone you’re sitting next to on a plane. How about respect for a fellow human being? If you don’t like his politics express yourself in the forum. Writing on someone and posting douchy tweets isn’t really appropriate.

  • Mike L.

    @Matt: Yeah I was so dissapointed to hear that, He is such a hottie!

    I just wanted to dive into that chest hair :)

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