Killer Gets Life In Prison For Raping And Stabbing A 15-Year-Old Boy To Death

Dante Parrish, the now-37-year-old man who sexually assaulted and murdered 15-year-old Jason Madison Jr. in November 2009, has been sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole.

The Washington Blade reports that the vulnerable out teen was seeking refuge in a relative’s home because his mother was not okay with him being gay:

Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Hastings argued during the trial that Mattison, who was openly gay and popular at school, was found stuffed into a closet in an upstairs bedroom of an East Baltimore house in the 2400 block of Llewelyn Avenue with a pillowcase jammed in his mouth. His throat was slashed and he had been sexually assaulted.

Hastings pointed out that Mattison was virtually homeless because he was reportedly not welcome in his mother’s home as a result of his sexual orientation. He was living “place to place to keep a roof over his head,” she told jurors. He had been living in the home of a relative at the time he was murdered.

No parole sounds about right.

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  • Tackle

    Such a sad story. I’m sure his mother will have a lot of regret which will not be easy to live with. Good thing the killer was caught and sentenced. For a child rapist and murderer, it will be hell in prison. And good for him…

  • MEJ


    I’m sure his mother will have a lot of regret which will not be easy to live with.

    No. His mother will blame the gay community for possessing her boy with homosexual demons, and luring him into the gay “lifestyle”.

  • Darling Nikki

    The mother is an accessory before the fact to her son’s demise.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of parents who probably feel it was for the best.
    What do you expect to happen to a 15 year old minor you kick out of his home?
    Definitely not WWJD?
    She’s culpable.

  • J

    So his killer was gay too?

  • Hyhybt

    @MEJ: It happens both ways.

  • CBRad

    Dreadful thing to happen. And a lot of blame to go around. The kid probably should have been with a gay or straight-but-gay-supportive foster family.

  • Rooney

    @J: Pedophiles and rapists aren’t necessarily gay. Most men who rape children are, pretend to be, and/or act straight.

    But you’re just trolling, like always, aren’t you?

  • J

    No,I’m not trolling.I’m just a temperamental person with views that are different from the rest.That’s all.

    Anyway,I really want to know if the killer was gay.We often hear of men raping other boys,but their sexual orientation is not mentioned.

  • Riley

    Rest in peace.. little one. God fucking damn execute both the mother and the killer already. It’s a shame, really. My uncle and aunt were never able to have kids due to some medical complications. They tried adopting but the process was too long for them to bear with, finally, they gave up and decided to never have children. Hence, they treat me like I’m their kid and I love them.When I first came they had an absolute positive reaction and told me that they loved me. People like them should have kids rather than these motherfucking airhead assholes.

  • Drew

    Rest in peace.

  • jacknasty

    Madison or Mattison? Seriously this is like a 300 word piece how do your editors not catch that?

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