Kings Pegs the Gay Son as the Villain (And We Just Might Love It)


Forgive us! We didn’t finish the premiere of NBC’s Kings last night and didn’t want to spoil to show for ourselves, so we steered clear of all the recaps. But yes, the two-hour debut that we just managed to get through showed us King Silas’ true colors — and introduced us to hottie actor Chris Egan. (Possible spoilers ahead.)

He’s a homophobic dad! Or rather, he’s a homophobic king! Or maybe he’s just a regular ‘ole king who knows his throne’s subjects will never accept his oldest son as a successor because he’s a big ‘mo.

Silas’ son Prince Jack (played by Sebastian Stan) only stays up to the wee hours with club girls to pretend he’s a lady-loving hetero, when in reality he ditches the female hangers-on for boys-only nights. And unless he’s willing to deprive himself of, well, his urges, Silas could never trust him to take over.

Which is why we’re left, at the end of the two-hour premiere, learning Jack will play the villain, conspiring against his own father for the throne. Some are quick to criticize Kings for making another gay the bad guy — and for making the show’s main black character the religious type, as all people of color must play mystics or sons of God in some way! — but we often find the characters on the wrong side of right to be the most complex. So we’re willing to give Kings some leeway here. Just don’t go turning Jack into some slutty, coked up club kid living off his father’s wealth. We’ve got Chuck Bass for that. (Or maybe it’s too late.)

Just joining us? Then here’s a profile of Jack: