Kirk Cameron + Ray Comfort’s 150th Anniversary Edition of Darwin’s Theory Now Includes … Creationism

Know what’s ruining American schools faster forcibly teaching kids about the homosexual lifestyle? The fact that kids just can’t break out their Bibles anymore during class! Clearly, one-time actor and burgeoning zealot Kirk Cameron didn’t hear about what’s going on in Texas, but we sympathize with Mike Seaver’s plight for America’s education system: Atheist instructors are “brainwashing” America into believing in Darwinism! You know, that theory created by that racist, misogynistic 1800s natural selector whom Hitler liked so much.

You can read all about that in the 50-page introduction to Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species written by Cameron cohort Ray Comfort, distributed this November to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the book’s publication. They’re handing out 50,000 copies of the 304-page rewrite, free, to 50 college campuses around the country, and not just Christian universities.

Think this is not such a big deal? The last media project Cameron got behind, the movie Fireproof, earned $33 million at the box office (and $25 million in DVD sales) on a budget of $500,000.

UPDATE: Commenter AladinSane shares this excellent rebuttal.