Flashback: Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Really Loved RuPaul (Video)

In the above flashback video from 1993, the last full year that Kurt Cobain was alive, Nirvana sings the Christmas song ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ for RuPaul, declare their love for him and then ask for his autograph.

Here are some fun images of them all together outside of Nirvana’s trailer at the ’93 MTV VMAs:

RuPaul Kurt Cobain Nirvana 04

1993 MTV Video Music Awards

RuPaul Kurt Cobain Nirvana 02

RuPaul Kurt Cobain Nirvana 01

And here’s the award presentation that RuPaul did with Milton Berle that same night… things start out fun but quickly get awkward around the 1:55 mark when RuPaul goes off script and shocks Milton with a senior citizen joke. At the end of the video Milton also throws a little shade back at Ru when he purposefully refuses to specify a gender pronoun and mockingly calls him a “him-her” and “she-he”. Oh 1993…