L.A. Gay Man Stole Brother’s Identity After Family Shunned Him

After being shunned by his family for being gay, 24-year-old Christopher Higa decided he would impersonate his 21-year-old brother Nicholas in order to open credit cards and buy a car.

The L.A. Times doesn’t report exactly how he did it, but we imagine he stole his bro’s ID. The Times does have the specifics of his sketchy behavior, as confessed to police:

Christopher Higa told police he used his brother’s identity at Toyota of Glendale to purchase a 2011 Chevy Malibu, which he returned after discovering he could get a better deal on a newer model at the Chevrolet dealership, according to police. He allegedly told Toyota employees that he was unable to make payments because he was unemployed, so they took the car back.

Glendale Police Det. Robert Zaun described it as a “carefully constructed fraud by Christopher Higa, who obviously has no morals or conscience.”

He is charged with six felony counts of identity theft, second-degree commercial burglary, grand theft auto, issuing multiple checks with insufficient funds, and grand theft of personal property for pilfering $950 from Mad Dog Bail Bonds, according to a Los Angeles County Superior Court complaint.

I feel the pain of gays who are shunned by their families, but that doesn’t make it okay to steal from them. But you could make the point that they deserve financial retribution for the emotional damage they purposefully inflicted on their own flesh and blood. What say you, commenters?