Activism Never Looked So Sunny...

LA Gays Taking Over!

It’s not as startling as the Stonewall Rebellion, but a group of Los Angeles-based gays are on a mission to boost queer visibility – and get some sun at the same time…

Via NY Times:

A group calling itself Guerrilla Gay Bar, gay men looking to crash straight hangouts with the intent of turning them predominantly gay for a moment in time, set its sights on Venice Beach one recent Saturday.

the real motivation, according to the group’s manifesto, is to overcome boredom with a “ghettoized and sub-ghettoized” gay scene – which in Los Angeles is synonymous with the club and bar circuit in West Hollywood.

“There’s a place for gay bars, but we feel gay people have become so segregated that some of them don’t go out into the wider community anymore,” said Matthew Poe, an organizer… “We want to suggest that the world is bigger than West Hollywood.”

Because Venice Beach has never, ever seen a gay.

On the bar front, the gays say they’ve been accepted almost everywhere, except one bar that keeps a high lady-to-gents ratio. Perhaps the Guerrilla Gays need some more lezzies: since its June 2006 inception, the group’s grown to about 200 gay men, but only a handful of their female counterparts.