LAMESAUCE: Everyone Who Helped Pass TN’s Anti-Gay Bill Is Now Against It, Including The Governor

This week, HRC pres Joe Solmonese threw us all under the bus by praising the 13 corporations that helped pass Tennessee’s anti-gay employment bill. When these companies came under attack by LGBTs, all of them said “we do not support discrimination” but almost none of them did anything to help get it repealed. And now Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, the very man who just signed it into law has also said that he opposes it on discriminatory grounds (though he loves it’s creamy free-market center). Are you shitting us?

Luckily, a Nashville attorney has already planned to challenge the bill in court saying that its wording would also prevent protections for the handicapped, veterans, and anyone not currently protected by the state’s anti-discrimination law. Also, some think the law might get delcared unconstitutional for it’s similarities to the Supreme Court case Romer v. Evans.

Via Towleroad