Takes On Babs Boxer, Clinton

Larry Craig Back In Action!

Larry Craig’s back to his old tricks. No, not trolling for dick! The Idahoan senator came out of his political shell yesterday to take on Democrats Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton. Apparently he’s run out of personal and professional shame over that whole disorderly conduct guilty plea and public embarrassment:

[Craig] weighed in…on global warming, charging in a statement that [Boxer], chair of the Senate energy committee, is “rushing” into climate legislation without making a cost-benefit analysis. Boxer is a popular punching bag of conservative activists.

Later in the statement, Craig offered back-handed praise to Hillary Clinton for what he says is her similar approach to global warming. Noting his support for a “sector by sector trading approach,” Craig said, “I was pleased to see that Senator Clinton supports a similar approach, albeit on the unrealistic side given her political realities.”

Need we remind you that your own career’s just coming out of the toilet, Craig?