Latin America Gets First Gay Nups.

A bit of homo history was made yesterday in Uruguay.

Judge Estrella Perez presided over Latin America’s first gay wedding!

Perez officiated the civil union between Adrian Figuera, 38, and actor and theater director Juan Carlos Moretti, 67, in a courtroom before a small group of friends and family, as witnessed by an AFP reporter.

Moretti later told AFP that after living together for 14 years, he and Figuera thought their marriage was “a matter of justice and a step forward for Uruguayan society.”

The event comes four months after Uruguay’s government pushed through new legislation allowing 5-year strong, cohabitating couples the same rights as straight folk.

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  • Tom

    Cheers to Uruguay! Maybe one day, America will also become a land of true equality and freedom for its citizens.

  • kevin57

    An observation…and not to defend the Catholic Church…but isn’t it curious that European countries (secular now, but traditionally Catholic or conservative reformation groups) and Latin American cultures (very Catholic historically and even now) are the ones most progressive on this issue?

    For all the focus on the Pope’s anti-gay marriage and lifestyle message, I think in this country at least, there are much more potent forces at work preventing the same liberty from occurring.

  • John

    It will be, if you live in the blue states.

    *takes out map and points to West Coast and Northeast*

    You see, “true equality and freedom for its citizens” is too politically inconvenient in red America. And we can’t talk about such matters in battleground purple states either.

    So the Democratic Party elitists, in all their infinite wisdom, has decided that queers will be free in these states only. It’s all part of compromise and bipartisanship (i.e. shut up and do whatever the Republicans tell you).

  • M Shane

    Since Uruguay has been on the path of Democracy, they have gotten rid of most of the privatization and “free” trade foisted on them by America, and have become like other dem.Socialist states concerned about justice,equality and the well beinggof everyone. This seems to be a trend in progressive governments in the world. The catholic Church is usually associated with the Right wing. However even , in Spain the Socialist part legaized same sex marriage recently.

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