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Laura Ingraham: I Will Always Be Against Gay Marriage

At the end of last week’s O’Reilly Factor interview between guest host Laura Ingraham and radio gay Michelangelo Signorile — talking about whether kids should be used to push a political issue — comes this challenge from the Siriux XM host: Admit, Laura, that in five years you’ll be in favor of gay marriage, if only because your audience will. “I don’t think so,” responds Ingraham, which is fair, because this is a woman who stands by her morals. Like, remember when she broke up with Keith Olbermann when she realized he disagreed with her?

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  • Bob

    Don’t you mean he disagreed with her?

  • ZJ

    I find it interesting that people talk about “the makeup of the family” as if “the family” is one rigidly defined entity. But with divorce, remarriage, blended families, stepfamilies, single parenthood and all of that, why should same-sex parenting be an object of controversy? One mom is okay, one dad is okay, a mom and a stepmom are okay, and so on, but two moms or two dads is going too far? It just doesn’t jive.

  • TANK

    Ugh. She has no argument. And I’ve held back about this for quite a while, but does michelangelo signorile have hiv/aids? He’s always looked terrible…and not ugly (though not attractive by any stretch of the definition), just unhealthy.

  • dgz

    Michel Signorile did a great job. as for laura… i’ve definitely seen worse from her.

    but i love how truthful testimony from kids can be equated to forcing them to spout propaganda.

  • Joanaroo

    What the problem boiils down to is always the Same Old Shit in anything legal that the GOP and the Christians have a say in. The same damn God crap that has been going on since that midget Ralph Reed and his Christie Coalition, Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and all their ilk jumped on the religion/politics bandwagon. Gov. Perry of Texas wants secession? FINE! Take a big enough plot of land for the GOP, religious right, and anyone else who wants to go and GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!

  • dgz

    @Joanaroo: no, they should stay. in a few years, *they’ll* be the oppressed minority, and i’m looking forward to being The Man.

  • slider

    I am always surprised that Laura Ingraham is against Gay Marriage given the fact that her brother is Gay…I mean I feel so bad for him every time she speaks out against same sex marriage and against Gay rights…..must be interesting family get togethers….given her positions.

  • Gregory Gorman

    This is not specifically aimed at this clip but I would like a pro-same sex marriage pundit to pose the following question to an anti-same sex marriage Conservative and see what kind of answers are given…”How do you justify your marriage stance when it supports the government’s ability to refuse or take away the civil rights of law abiding, mentally competent citizens, especially as someone who believes in less government interference and being fully aware of the basic American tenant of a separation of church and state?”. I don’t believe there is an answer to this question that does not expose an obvious failure in the argument against same-sex marriage rights.

  • rich

    Wait. Laura Ingraham is unmarried, but she has an adopted daughter. So there goes the “every child should have a father and a mother” argument. But it’s not Laura’s fault. Her fiance broke up with her because she had breast cancer. Gotta love those conservative family values.

  • Jason

    There are no longer “conservative values” there are “conservative lies and hate”. They want traditional marriage which died in the 50’s and 60’s when women had to start working to keep up with the neighbors. I would like to pose a challenge to the conservatives that oppose gay marriage….PLEASE give me a reason that does NOT include a quote of The Bible or THEIR God. My bible and MY God is very clear to me and I don’t need them explaining what The Bible says or how God feels about Gays. They can’t do it…they can’t explain anything about the prejudice and hate they preach with bring God into it. THEY have killed more people in this world with their self rightousness than any plague or war (which usually starts with a religious conflict). Please have them explain why I shouldn’t be able to marry the man that I love because they don’t like it…it has nothing to do with MY God or THEIRS.

  • Jason

    OPPS “without bringing God into it” (sorry)

  • 7snowynights

    I with I could nuke the CWA head-quarters. All those menopausal presbyterian busy-body twats care about is getting heard and making sure that women are the only “victimized minority” in the country. They want to maintain the status quo only so they can keep bitching about how horrible everything is and how oppressed they are.

    Fuck! Hate them so much.

  • sal(the original)


  • Alec

    Wonder how her gay brother feels about that.

  • hyhybt

    #8: Tenant: a renter

    Tenet: principle

  • Jaroslaw

    #8 Gregory Gorman – I can answer that for you. The conservatives don’t care if they get their way. I’ve been reading about this issue for years in many books and magazines. When the President is on their side, they say “look to the President for leadership.” If not, “contact your congressperson.” If that doesn’t work, look to the courts. As long as the courts do what they want, it is ok. The minute they don’t, then the conservatives holler “activist judges.” Read any book by Robert Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church & State. When you look at the ENTIRE story, it is amazing how much (many of the conservative & religious) people who claim to stand for truth and moral values LIE to promote their views. (please note – I’m not saying people can’t disapprove of homosexuality, SSM etc. based on their religious views, but you have to SAY it is your religious view and stop pretending it is a “moral” issue or about the “children.” etc.)

  • alan brickman

    All the manhaters now say “I don’t hate men…I just hate gay men…..”

  • Jaroslaw

    Clarification – my opening statement could easily be misread.

    What I meant was conservatives/religious don’t care about shredding rights etc. IF they get THEIR way. The minute the tide turns of course and they are no longer the majority then they will go back to Constitutional principles.

    God knows the liberals and Democrats have been disappointing at times but at least they don’t change their story every five minutes.

  • Andrew

    If you can bear it, listen to this woman’s show a bit. She says some of the most outrageous and offensive things. She’s an evil greedy media-whore. Period.

  • Attmay

    @Andrew: She’s just a common garden variety BREEDER WHORE. And I’d take away her rights in a New York minute.

  • Christopher


    Really? That’s your take away? What’s your childhood trauma?

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Fuck Laura Ingraham. I hope she gets cunt cancer.

  • TANK


    What? He looks healthy to you? I’m only saying he doesn’t look particularly vital. Is that a crime?

  • rick

    laura needs a good waterboarding. she is a stupid stupid woman. hates gays, loves torture. and she loves to lie. but, on fox news that is all they do.

  • angie morgan

    Gay marriage is completely wrong. You may not want to hear about the Bible BUT, if you want an afterlife/believe in it. I don’t care what you call yourselves/liberals/conservatives, whatever: down deep you know gay marriage is wrong/period, no debate, don’t ruin your kids. You have a duty to them to show them the right way/I REPEAT THE RIGHT WAY. Be honest, all gay marriage will do is corrupt our society and the world.

  • Jaroslaw

    Angie – have you heard of Jews? Muslims? Hindus? Atheists?

    They DO NOT believe the way you do and that this beauty of this country. Everyone can practice their own religion.

    If you believe in Jesus, great. But you CANNOT dictate to others how to live their lives.

    You are also obviously not reading anything on this post, so why are you here?

  • Cvm

    I read every single thing on the thread, and I second the next to last comment before mine. Thank GOD we do live in freedom
    –where I am also free to disapprove of homosexuality and gay marriage and to vote against each time I am given the opportunity. That is MY right. You can wail and screech and scream and tear your clothes and call me swear names, but it is my RIGHT to disagree with you.

    You do plenty of disagreeing yourselves, as evident in this thread–as is your right. And in the end, the majority stands under the US constitution and through only the mercy of our great God–whether or not you believe.

  • EWE

    What does ignorance being allowed as your personal right have to do with silencing the topic in the public arena…. aka schools.

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