Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Missionary Who Cultivated Anti-Gay Sentiment In Uganda

Uganda’s “Death to Gays” bill has been brought back to the legislative forefront, but gay activists are hitting back in their own way: by filing a lawsuit against Scott Lively, a nasty anti-gay American Evangelical missionary.

Lively has cultivated homophobic sentiment by giving impassioned sermons against the LGBT community in the East African nation, and even advised Ugandan lawmakers on how to get the “Death to Gays” bill passed when it first came up in 2009.

The suit is being filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of Sexual Minorities Uganda, a non-profit umbrella organization for LGBT advocacy groups in Uganda. The CCR says:

The suit alleges that Lively’s involvement in anti-gay efforts in Uganda, including his active participation in the formulation of anti-gay legislation and policies aimed at revoking fundamental right from LGBT persons constitutes persecution. This is the first known Alien Tort Statute (ATS) case seeking accountability for persecution on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Alien Tort Statute essentially allows U.S. courts to hear human-rights cases brought by foreign citizens for conduct committed outside the 50 states. Just as Lively could be held accountable for efforts to disenfranchise a minority group in America, so can he be tried for doing so in Uganda.

Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, said back in December that he was afraid to leave his house for fear of being murdered by anti-gay thugs. Now the brave LGBT activist has decided to slam Lively with a lawsuit. Said Mugisha:

“U.S evangelical leaders like Scott Lively have actively and intensively worked to eradicate any trace of LGBT advocacy and identity. Particularly damaging has been his claim that children are at risk because of our existence. His influence has been incredibly harmful and destructive for LGBT Ugandans fighting for their rights. We have to stop people like Scott Lively from helping to codify and give legal cover to hatred.”

We’ll keep you updated on how the lawsuit progresses.