League Of Legends Censored “Gay” From Its Online Game To Prevent Homophobic Attacks

Real time online strategy game League of Legends censored the word “gay” by automatically filtering the word out of all chat and forbidding its use in screen names and game names “to avoid it being used in an offensive manner” after seeing it repeatedly used as an insult. LGBT players complained and the LoL development team pledged to un-censor the word in the next patch release.

Microsoft’s XBOX has had an ongoing problem with gamer homophobia, so we empathize with LoL’s attempt to quiet the haters, but they should probably just incorporate a flagging system for users who regularly toss slurs at other players.

And isn’t it odd that those same anti-gay haters spend hours masquerading as elf rangers, fire cherubs and goblin mages and putting on skimpy armor to win gold and go shopping? We know another guy who does that. He’s a go-go boy.