Leno Apologizes

Comedian Jay Leno issued a short, stumpy apology for his Ryan Phillippe “gay look” remark: “In talking about Ryan’s first role, I realize that what I said came out wrong. I certainly didn’t mean any malice. I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize.” So half-assed, but we wouldn’t expect anything less – or is it more? [People]

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  • sugarsmack

    Jay is just the mouthpiece for a troop of “comedy” writers that even feed him interview chit-chat ideas. I’m no fan, but also don’t see what the big deal is. Just that Jay is not considered a cool enough straight guy to make gay jokes? If he was gay or had a gay best friend, he’d be in the clear? I was more offended at how many dudes posted their response (on The Gayest Look) with their shirts off, never wasting an opportunity to cruise.

  • beefy

    jay leno is a huge douche.

  • todd

    Jay was funny once in 1994.

  • chandler in lasvegas

    So we do what GLAAD USED to do; keep his feet to the fire. Make him accountable. Vigilance.

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