Lesbian Couple Plans Mass Wedding In Washington State

A lesbian couple in Washington State is so excited to get married next month, and everyone’s invited!

Tina Roose and Teresa Guajardo of Olympia are getting hitched on December 15, and they’ve extended an invitation to any and all same-sex couples in the state to join them in a mass wedding for gay couples in the soon-to-be marriage-equality state. Now that Referendum 74 passed on Election Day, it’ll be only a matter of days—December 9, to be exact—until gay lovers can walk down the aisle.

Guajardo, 67, and Roose, 43, have been together for 13 years. They chose the Rotunda because, Roose told the News Tribune. “It’s its the people’s house… where the Senate and House and the governor all supported marriage equality.”

Photo: Teresa Guajardo