Lesbian Couple Told To “Get A Room” For Kissing In AZ Sheraton Resto, Offered Free Drinks To Leave

A lesbian couple were celebrating their one-year anniversary at Sheraton Hotel’s District restaurant on Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona, when a manager approached them and told them to “get a room” because they’d shared a simple kiss.

ABC15 reports that they received a statement from the general manager of the Sheraton: “We embrace diversity and are proud supporters of the LGBT community. We are taking this incident very seriously. Our restaurant is open for all to enjoy, and sincerely regret this incident took place.”

Apparently other customers in the restaurant were the motivation for the manager coming up to the couple, but his apology and offer of “free drinks next time!” were inappropriate.

Do you think the Sheraton needs to fire the manager who came up to the lesbian couple, or was he just trying to quell other homophobic customers?