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Lesbian Parents Do Not Molest Their Children, Like, Ever

A study of lesbian parents over 24 years reveals their children are virtually never the victims of sexual or physical abuse at home.

UCLA’s Williams Insistent quizzed 78 17-year-old children of lesbian parents as part of its National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study. It found exactly zero of them reporting instances of abuse — a startling statistic when you compare it to the 26 percent of American teens reporting physical abuse, and 8.3 percent reporting sexual abuse. (Fun fact: 2.8 percent of the children responding self-identified as gay or lesbian.) This study arrives on the heals of another that revealed lesbians raise some of the nation’s most well-adjusted (read: non-drug using, not-in-prison, academically proficient) kids.

That’s right, everyone: Children are safer in the care of lesbians than Catholic priests.