Yearbook Win Sparks Mini Scandal

Lesbians Couple The Cutest

A big congratulations to absolutely adorable lesbian teens Lupe Silva and Brandy Johnson.

These two lovely Chicago-area ladies were named Waukegan High School’s cutest couple in this year’s yearbook. Humble about the big win, Johnson chalks it up to popularity: “We’ve been dating a year. We’re pretty well-known in the school.” While they may be well-liked, not everyone liked the idea of giving them the top spot, particularly school administrators:

The hesitation to include the girls’ photo was in deference to a parent’s objections, said Jason Blair, an English teacher and yearbook adviser.

“One girl’s mom wouldn’t have wanted all the attention drawn to it,” Blair said. “We were trying to prevent anyone getting embarrassed.”

There’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to lesbian love, especially because the girls say they helped inspire other gays to come out of the closet. You go, girls!

It’s nice to see America’s teens are welcoming their queer peers – just last week we wrote about Brandon Raphael and Kiernan Gatewood, two boys who were voted homecoming prince and prince.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    This week, a UT male couple fostering several children aged 10 months to 11 years, had to relinquish custody of the children to grandparents.

    The law similarly opposes unmarried heterosexual couples from foster parenting or adoption. The law is passive aggressive and intended to stop same-sex couples.

    This is why same-sex marriage is so important. It is not for the party guy and gal, but for the committed couples who have children.

    Last week, prince and prince and now these lovely young ladies, and my thoughts are that this coming generation will one day precipitate change in societal acceptance if not eventual legal change generations from now.

    Have a great year.

  • mozzer13

    They’re so cute I just want to bake them some cookies!

  • Mr. B


  • Alexa

    A couple of years ago my son’s school voted a lesbian couple cutest couple and virtually nobody complained, it was very nice to see. He did say, though, that he thought there would have been far more complaints had it been two guys.

  • SeaFlood

    They are so adorable. I would want to hang out with them and stuff… *le sigh*

  • ffrgl

    OMG! is Lupe Tongan Weow first tongan i know that is lesbo :D

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