Haters gonna hate

Less than a week after becoming a dad, Tom Daley is accused of “child abuse” by trolls

Tom Daley announced that he and Dustin Lance Black welcomed their son, Robbie Ray, into the world last week.

In a tweet over the weekend, Daley said: “Welcome to the world our precious little Robbie Ray Black-Daley. The amount of love and joy you have brought into our life is immeasurable, our precious little son”.

Almost immediately, the well wishes began flooding in:

Now, users of the internet parenting forum Mumsnet are viciously attacking the new dads.

In a new thread titled “The mother of Tom Daley’s child”, users vented about the couple’s use of a surrogate.

One commenter wrote: “The baby was both deprived of its mother and abandoned by its mother. That this happened was planned. I consider that to be child abuse.”

The disgusting comment has since been deleted by moderators. But that didn’t stop the hate and vitriol from continuing to spew.

Another user called the couple “Vile entitled men if you ask me”, while a third person labeled them “misogynist, selfish non-law-abiding men who got around UK law to rent an American woman’s body.”

“They’re not able to have a child because they are both male,” another person added.

Meanwhile, others insisted that “removing an infant from its safe sensory world and plonking it into an entirely alien new one has the potential for profound damage”, adding: “Having children is not a right.”

A long string of homophobic comments have been deleted from the thread, which has garnered nearly 1000 replies.

It’s all pretty sickening, if you ask us. Luckily, the new dads don’t seem too bothered by all the noise. Yesterday, Daley took to Instagram to make a joke about his encroaching “dad bod.”

Morning workout to keep the dad bod at bay ?

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From everyone here at Queerty, we’re sending nothing but good vibes and good luck to the dads and their new bundle of joy!

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