Haters gonna hate

Twitter is filled with hate and outrage as Tom Daley and DLB announce the birth of their son

So Tom Daley announced that he and Dustin Lance Black welcomed their son, Robbie Ray, into the world last week.

In a tweet over the weekend, Daley said: “Welcome to the world our precious little Robbie Ray Black-Daley. The amount of love and joy you have brought into our life is immeasurable, our precious little son”.

But not everyone is feeling the same love and joy for the new family.

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Check out some of these responses…

Of course, not everyone feels so negatively. There are plenty of folks who have had nothing but well wishes for the new dads and their beautiful baby boy:

From everyone here at Queerty, we’re sending nothing but good vibes and good luck to the dads and their new bundle of joy!

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