Let’s Meet 2 Adult Men Accused Of Getting Teens In Their Care Drunk And Raping Them!

Today in disgusting men who assault younger male victims, I’ve got a twofer for ya! First up is Ronnie Sagere (pictured), a 34-year-old Brooklyn man accused of raping a boy he met while working at the Cleveland Christian Home. After the boy was discharged back two his parents, the pair became Facebook friends in September and Sagere began showering him with clothes and other gifts, prosecutors allege, before Sagere got his 17-year-old victim drunk on Four Loko (yes, that crap) and “had his way with him.” Oh, and Sagere — who is being held on $100k bond on charges of rape, gross sexual imposition, and kidnapping — is reportedly HIV-positive, which added a “felonious assault” charge. Not enough for you?

Then there’s John William Gibson, the now 68-year-old former high school teacher in Windsor, Ontario, accused by a now-43-year-old former student of raping him in the mid-80s at Gibson’s home and sailboat and the the victim’s parents’ bed, and on a sailboat. And yep, there was alcohol involved. Gibson faces two counts of sexual assault stemming from allegations of two accusers, the second of which will soon take the stand in Gibson’s trial.