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  • John

    How did you miss the fact that this video is parody, intended to mock those who use such ‘logic’? Don’t believe me? Go to You Tube where you’ve embedded this video.

  • firefly124

    Brilliant bit of satire, that.

  • Max Campbell

    I hate stupid fags who against bisexuality!

    Homophobia = biphobia.

  • Erin

    YES bisexuality do not EXIST; Because according to the gays everything in life is black and white. So next time you see a gayrights advocates tring to tell to THE bigots that in sexuality are a lot of tones,the bigots can POINT THE HYPOCRISY.

  • Daez

    @Max Campbell: I don’t agree for a moment that bisexuality does not exist in men. I feel that most if not all men are at least bicurious.

  • McMike

    @Daez: There’s a theory we’re all bisexual and as more time goes by the more I believe it’s true (at least in men since I don’t have first hand experience of lesbianism). I was cruising Facebook last night and noticed most of the guy’s pages were putting on there which sex they were attracted to which, IMO, means “bisexual” (or maybe ‘gay’). While only the lucky ones are half-and-half, most people have some degree of attraction to the both sexes.

  • jason

    Male sexuality is a very powerful thing. It is designed to be a constantly running engine.

    When the male sexual engine is running, it will generally be turned on and attracted to man or woman, albeit to varying degrees. It may be attracted mainly to men. It may be attracted mainly to women. It may be attracted to both in roughly equal proportions.

    Where the male sexual engine eventually goes (ie how one behaves sexually) depends on several factors: one’s sense of stigma, religious upbringing, peer pressure, personal philosophy etc etc. Thus, the orientation is innate, the behavior is determined.

    Female sexuality, on the other hand, is not a constantly running engine. Females are biologically designed to experience refractory (ie quiet) periods for 9 months at a time. Their sexuality is quiescent during that period. Females also use their sexuality as a marketing ploy to obtain rewards that are unrelated to their sexual satisfaction. How can they do this? Let me explain.

    Unlike men, females don’t have to prove they are turned on. Their eggs lie there waiting to be fertilized regardless of whether they are turned on or not. Their bodies deliver the egg to its ideal position regardless of whether they are willing to have sex or not.

    A man, on the other hand, must deliver his sperm to the ideal position (ie next to the egg) by an act of genuine arousal. If he doesn’t get an erection and expel the sperm, it will still be lying there in his body in a totally useless fashion.

    I say all this because I’m pointing to the notion that male sexuality is genuine and constant, female sexuality is variable and often fake. This includes female bisexuality.

  • Jim Hlavac

    I am definitely not buy sexual.
    I refuse to buy it. I want it for free!

    Other than that, why is it that bisexuals always seem to have girlfriends or wives, and dabble on the side with men as “str8t” acting bottoms, and often more often than they do conjugal visits with their lady friends — and yet I don’t seem to hear of any gay guy in a gay relationship who dabbles with women as anything? The whole thing always seems to be a convenient dodge to get along in life, which I’m not going to complain about. Though, I suppose any gay man who dabbled with a woman in high school or college could be labeled as bisexual, no? Or was that just “experimenting” with heterosexuality? Or was it just a case of self-preservation in a scary environment? Who knows.

    One weird thing, in a not so old copy of the American Medical Association’s home medical encyclopedia there were four definitions proffered for the range of sexuality:

    Heterosexuality — attraction to the opposite sex for the purpose of procreation.
    Lesbianism — sexual attraction between women.
    Bisexuality — sexual attraction towards both sexes.

    And that was pretty much it for these three — just a plain one sentence explanation straight forward with no causality or further commentary. Dull, right? They must be OK, I guess.

    Ah, but then it got to the big buggaboo!

    Homosexuality, or “gay male” — and then it went on and on, paragraph after paragraph, about the supposed unknown whys and wherefores, the suspected causes, and effeminate boys, and strange practices, and attempts to cure us, the psychology of us gay guys, the psychiatry of us, and when we figured it out, and if we were or could be indoctrinated, and our problems being gay guys, and how it might be prevented, and on and on, for 10 or 11 big paragraphs, before coming to the fine conclusion that it was not natural but no one knows what to do about it.

    Which, still, today, sums it all up doesn’t it? Lesbians and Bisexuals get a relatively free pass – but oh, us gay guys! The horror. Which very well might be why some gay guys still like to go around and say their bisexual. It gets them off the hook.

    Me, I’m just getting more heterophobic as I get older. :)

  • Max Campbell

    have I told something against?
    I think that bisexual guys more quantity than both gay guys + straight guys!

    But male bisexuality is a tabboo, and many guys transform their homoerotism to a homophobia. In part, because hypocritical standards from “straight” porn industry.
    It is ENORMOUS problem. More important than DADT and same-sex marriages.

    Because male-male sexuality tabboo is a ONE cause of homophobia (the Levynite 18).

  • Jeffree

    I think —hope– this vid was parody. I laughed!

    Ever notice that “Max Campbell” and “Jason” always show up on the same thread? Ever notice that Max’s wobbly syntax matches nothing like any language spoken on the planet?

  • Max Campbell

    Hallo, hypocritical pig=))

  • Max Campbell

    Jeffree, are you lesbian or idiotic faggot?

    obviously those porn double-standards are really convenient for lesbians.
    thus you just insistently trying to sabotage something really meaningful

  • jason

    There’s a lot of fake gay men who are actually bisexual in their orientation. I see them all the time in gay bars. They call themselves gay because it enables them to fit into the prevailing orthodoxy of a gay bar.

  • Jeffree

    Please define “Fake gay men.”
    Thank you.

    My best wishes to you and “Max Campbell” on your nuptuals.

  • Max Campbell

    Please define fake bi women in show-business. =)))

  • Daez

    Ok, you two, yes there is a double standard in porn, but you are kidding yourself if you believe for a second that it actually benefits lesbians to be included in straight men’s fantasies. It’s not about lesbianism it is about the male fantasy to fuck two women who are into each other.

    I can see how a bisexual guy would down play his attraction to women when pursuing cock, but that has to do with many gay guys being biphobic and not conducting relationships with bi men due to fears of them not being able to be monotonous, which they probably can not be, but monogamy is not always necessary.

  • scribe

    When people ask me what i am, specially gays, I always say that I am gay. Sort of like being bi-racial and saying that you are black instead of mentioning your total make up. My skin tone is dark so I must be black. I prefer to be in relationship with men, but there are certain types of women that I have slept with over the years. if you sleep with men, the world sees you as gay, and making the point that I sometimes sleep with a woman seems silly. Gay men hear bisexual and think that someone is afraid to come out of the closet. Parents hear bisexual and think you can choose to be str8, so it just easier to be gay. At least for me.

  • scribe

    @Jim Hlavac: hey jim… in a relationship with a man for a number of years here… I also have a female friend, the second person I ever slept with, who I feel strongly for. When she use to come to town, the three of us would get together, have a little drink and fool around. It took me awhile to talk my man into it. To me she is just a beautiful man who doesn’t have a dick. I just have a strong connection with her. the 3ways ended because she got married. Can’t tell you how many strong women that I think are hot. I started jerking off thinking about girls in schools, years before I started stroking it to thoughts of dudes. But if I meet you in a bar and you ask me, I’m going to say I’m gay.

  • Max Campbell


    bisexual double standards from porn make free female homosexual behaviour.

    Don’t deny. It is obvious. Lesbians tell about this already.

    It is necessary to create a new fetish “2 bisex for girl” as DOMINANT female fantasy.. It is our last chance overcome segregation and double standards!

  • Dino

    @jason: That’s very interesting, Ja — wait a second, JASON. How the fuck would you know?? You’re a guy!

  • MistressTalia

    IME, pregnant women do not experience a reduction in sex drive and in fact, most pregnant women experience a huge increase in sex drive.

    It might make sense in an evolutionary sense as there’s no evolutionary benefit for a pregnant chick to be horny constantly, but biochemically it doesn’t work like that. Pregnancy is maintained by high progesterone levels and progesterone is the precursor to testosterone, so pregnant chicks are pretty much climbing the walls in between the physical discomforts of pregnancy.

    The “refractory period” is during menstruation, when progesterone, and hence testosterone levels, fall. Since women are not ovulating then, it makes sense to have us less horny then, in an evolutionary sense.

    However, falling testosterone does not *necessarily* equal NO testosterone; less horny is not the same as not at all. Many of us remain horny even during our periods. And since orgasms relieve cramps, many women like sex during their periods even if they aren’t necessarily climbing the walls with desire.

    Also, though we cycle and thus have the most testosterone when ovulating, lots of sexuality is mental for us. If we are bored with our sex lives when testosterone is high, we may not be horny. If we have a brand new crush on someone hot when levels are low, we’re whacking off three times a day. Having a cyclical sex drive doesn’t control human females like it does animals that go into heat.

    Women who are “gay” or “bi” in straight-oriented porn are not necessarily anything of the sort in the real world.

    Porn is acting. Extrapolating what occurs in porn onto real female sexuality is just silly. You might as well decide NPH is straight cause Dr. Horrible had a crush on Penny.

    If you want to know what real women do or don’t like, you might try asking a few. Even those of us who are outright prostitutes have no particular motivation for lying to gay men about sex since you’re nearly entirely irrelevant to us sexually.

  • Max Campbell

    Porn have enormous influence on mass consciousness. and imposes double standards to human sexuality. A lot of young girls like gay sex. It is obviously. Of course, maybe bisexual-women-for-pay dont like!

  • Derek Williams

    This video is clearly meant to be in jest, exaggerating a few prevalent misconceptions.

  • allie

    “Their sexuality is quiescent during that period. ”
    umm are you freaking kidding me, i’m at my horniest when i’m on my period, i mean i have to have it right then and there. i go insane!

  • allie

    also i’m horny all the time just to let you know, the reason why women are “that way” is because of men like you who tell them that they are either the madonna or the whore, they can’t be in between. we are repressed sexually and told that good girls don’t put out until we get something out of it. its a stupid stereotype that must go away right now! if a girl wants to have sex with somebody she is told that she can’t because she is a slut and she gets shamed, if a man does this he is a hero, he is being a man. double standards suck, all of them, which is why we must get rid of them!

  • Mat

    Not all men are bisexual. But some like myself are. The problem of bisexuality in men is a deeply cultural phenomenon in relationship to gay liberation. If a man is bisexual in orientation will he commit to his male partner? The same question applies to women. There is a deep resentment of “gay tourists”. This resentment has created a propaganda in gay culture “bisexuality does not exist” because the bisexual transgressors not only complicate a simplified “gay” and “straight” politics but also questions the stability of constructed realms of “gay” and “straight”. There are of course completely homosexual men and women but the bisexual places that in question to conservatives. But because of these complications “bisexuals should not exist so that gays and lesbians can exist.” unfortunately the politics erases the diversity of human experience. And unfortunately for the more dogmatically incline “bisexuals don’t exist” to maintain a safe uncomplicated paradigm of the world. Fewer and fewer gay men and women are getting married and choosing to live authentic lives as gays and lesbians. Because of this fact the bisexual question can indeed be seen more clearly. Many authentically orientated bisexuals are more visible because of the fact that their are more authentic gays and lesbians choosing to live their lives authentically rather than hiding in inauthentic marriages. Bisexuals, gays and lesbians really need to work together at this point. Power in numbers. Today the majority who say they are bisexual are. In 1970 that was a huge question, many self proclaimed bisexuals were or were not. The year is 2012, their can indeed be a bisexual and gay liberation that can align even if their are disagreements. We both affirm same sex intimacy.

  • Mat

    @Jim Hlavac: I am bisexual male and enjoy both and wished for both at an early age. I agree the pressures for men to be heteronormative is huge. But some men like myself have a very difficult time giving up women because I have always had deep romantic loving and sexual feelings for them and also enjoy homosexual sex. I am completely open about my sexuality dispite the cultural disapproval from both gays and straights. Hense I have all the stigma of being “gay” and only half the privileges of being “straight”. I can marry my primary partner (a bisexual woman) and we can walk arm and arm in public. But if either of us chooses a second same sex partner (as both of us have has significant LTRs with the same sex) we too run the risk of being gay bashed.

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