LGBT Mexicans To Ex-Gay Richard A. Cohen: “We Don’t Want Your ‘Cure'”

Ex-gay activist Richard A. Cohen is taking his show on the road. The Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality author is scheduled to speak at a large conference in Mexico on February 12. Admission is $350. Now, an online petition at is demanding the organization sponsoring Cohen’s visit cancel the event.

According to Wikipedia, Cohen once identified as gay, but now claims extensive psychotherapy allowed him to overcome his homosexuality and transition into being heterosexual. He now lives with his wife and three children in Washington, D.C.

Cohen received a Master’s degree in a psychology from Antioch University. In 1990, he founded the International Healing Foundation, a tax-exempt organization dedicated to treating people who suffer from unwanted same-sex attraction. In 2002, he was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association after violating its ethics code.

So far, the petition has gathered over 10,000 signatures. They hope to gather 15,000 before Cohen’s February 12 appearance.