Linda Harvey Attacks Homeless LGBT Youth, Continues Descent Into Evil


Queerty’s favorite homophobe Linda Harvey is back at it again, and this time the target of her “theories” is homeless LGBT youth.

On her radio show Linda gets into the topic of queer kids on the streets, and you may be surprised to know that those poor misunderstood parents and shelters didn’t want to throw them out, it’s just that those crazy LGBT youth were so stubbornly addicted to the independence of the homosexual lifestyle that they decided to become drifters.


According to Linda:

“…the teen storms out by choice and leaves voluntarily because the homosexual relationship is more important than that of his or her parents. And when that all-important relationship ends, the teen is too stubborn or already too-involved in alcohol or drugs or the premature independence of the homosexual life and he or she would rather drift than return home.”

Well now, if it weren’t for this nugget of wisdom we wouldn’t have been able to crack the code as to why homeless LGBT youth are homeless! It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with disapproving and potentially abusive families or people influenced by homophobes like Linda Harvey.

It’s the allure of the streets that causes them to be homeless, because we all know that if you had to choose between a loving family with a roof over your head and the dangers of living on the streets (sex work, assaults, etc.) then the natural choice is to be homeless.

Oh, Linda. We used to love to hate you, but now we think we just hate you.