Nation Must Enact Medical Laws Or Pay Price

Lithuania’s TransWin Legal Victory

Lithuania’s transitioning ladies and gentleman won a judicial victory over the weekend. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that a Lithuanian legislative gap hinders trans folk’s right to a private life.

Though the European nation prohibits anti-trans discrimination and allows citizens to change their official gender, lawmakers have yet to enact laws regulating sex change operations.

Without these rules and regulations, transitioning people are left in limbo.

Equality Network explains:

The Court observed that Lithuanian law had recognised transsexuals’ right to change not only their gender but also their civil status. However, there was a gap in the relevant legislation: the law regulating full gender-reassignment surgery, although drafted, had yet to be adopted yet. In the meantime, no suitable medical facilities are reasonably accessible in Lithuania.

That legislative gap had left the applicant in a situation of distressing uncertainty as to his private life and the recognition of his true identity.

Lithuanian legislators have been given three months to rectify the wrong. If it takes more than three months, the court will award the complaintant, Mr. L, 45,000 euros in damages. That money, of course, can be used to buy the transitioning FTM loads of new suits.