Living In Utah Makes People Want To Kill Themselves

In 2008 and 2009 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health asked 92,264 people 18 and over about their suicidal thoughts, allowing the CDC to release data about suicidal thoughts state-by-state. So if you’re reading this in Utah get out while you still can because they have the highest rate of suicidal thoughts out of all 50 states..

Here’s a summary of their highest and lowest findings:

Adults in Georgia… were least likely to report having had suicidal thoughts (2.1%) in 2008-09; residents of Utah, at 6.8%, were most likely. Georgia also had the lowest rate of suicide planning (0.1%), but… Rhode Island… had the highest: 2.8% planned to kill themselves.

The CDC said that some states might have higher rates of suicidal ideation because they also have higher rates of unemployment and divorce, sparse social networks and inadequate medical support, or greater access to lethal means, such as guns. They also note that young people and women commit suicide in greater numbers and that suicidal people might tend to flock towards places where other suicidal people live.

However, their data noted that “regions that have high rates of suicide contemplation are not necessarily those that have more suicide deaths.” After all, Alaska, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana have the highest actual rates of suicide even though none of the states made the CDC’s high or low list for suicidal thoughts.

We can all agree though that Utah’s uptight bar policies can make any person want to kill themselves for a drink. Truth.