Living In Utah Makes People Want To Kill Themselves

In 2008 and 2009 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health asked 92,264 people 18 and over about their suicidal thoughts, allowing the CDC to release data about suicidal thoughts state-by-state. So if you’re reading this in Utah get out while you still can because they have the highest rate of suicidal thoughts out of all 50 states..

Here’s a summary of their highest and lowest findings:

Adults in Georgia… were least likely to report having had suicidal thoughts (2.1%) in 2008-09; residents of Utah, at 6.8%, were most likely. Georgia also had the lowest rate of suicide planning (0.1%), but… Rhode Island… had the highest: 2.8% planned to kill themselves.

The CDC said that some states might have higher rates of suicidal ideation because they also have higher rates of unemployment and divorce, sparse social networks and inadequate medical support, or greater access to lethal means, such as guns. They also note that young people and women commit suicide in greater numbers and that suicidal people might tend to flock towards places where other suicidal people live.

However, their data noted that “regions that have high rates of suicide contemplation are not necessarily those that have more suicide deaths.” After all, Alaska, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana have the highest actual rates of suicide even though none of the states made the CDC’s high or low list for suicidal thoughts.

We can all agree though that Utah’s uptight bar policies can make any person want to kill themselves for a drink. Truth.

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  • Disgusted Gay American

    the ONLY good thing sot come from UTAH is HBO’s BIG LOVE..period

  • Cam

    “We can all agree though that Utah’s uptight bar policies can make any person want to kill themselves for a drink. Truth.”

    Um…or the fact that the Mormon church not only excommunicates people for being different, gay etc… but they then encourage their families to cast them out.

    But then again, Queerty lately never misses a chance to call the Mormons on the carpet for bigotry.

  • dvlaries

    It’s at least 10 year old news that Utah uses more Prosac per capita than any other state so this is no surprise.

  • Allen D.

    Never really thought about it. Our employment is pretty good though.

  • DB

    Mormons have the highest rates of suicide, depression, child abuse, and child neglect of any religion.

  • Little Kiwi

    it’s been Utah’s Dirty Little Secret for far too long.

    look, it’s the law of numbers. family lines that keep having 7+ children are gonna be pumping out more LGBT ones.

    please read this, it’s a letter from a gay ex-Mormon to a family member.

    the LDS is indeed a subversive cult that makes empty promises and puts an incredible weight of guilt onto its members shoulders.

  • Ray

    I’d want to kill myself too if I had to put up with bucktoothed mormorns grinning in my face and stabbing me in the back all day.

  • AlanInSLCut

    This is not surprising to me at all. I’ve lived in Utah all my life and have known many to attempt suicide and/or be successful with their attempts. The use of anti-depressants in this state is out of control. We have even nicknamed an entire valley “Happy Valley” due to the amount of Prozac used in the area. I blame ignorance, the LDS church environment throughout the state, and the doctors in the state who over prescribe anti-depressants to their patients. If only marijuana was legal, people would have another option other than the chemicals that supposedly (yet do not really help) correct their depression.

  • Jack Jackson

    Those of the Mormon faith are devilishly imposing their will on people especially homosexuals from all walks of life as if they we’re God’s chosen Messiahs. Truth be told, there are more rapist and sexual predators that belong to the Mormon Cult Church than any other Religion. If I had to gauge the evilness of their faith with that of the Muslims, bent on terrorism, I’d be more afraid of losing my civil liberties than seeing a plane fall out of the sky. Those who live and breathe the work of the devil will reap what they sew. That’s to say, Mitt Romney will never get elected president nor will the people of Utah have their cake and eat it too. May your days of religious persecutions come to an end with the boycott of all tourism and business to and from Utah.

  • Tackle

    @ Cinesnatch: Thank you for keeping this in the forefront and not letting it go away.

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