Liz Smith Will Sleep With Anybody

The Internet’s digital ‘gina just quivered. Ladies such as Whoopi Goldberg, Peggy Noonan and Candice Bergen joined forces to launch a new Estrogen-driven website, wowOwow.

CEO Joni Evans, Vogue‘s Joan Juliet Buck and business lady Mary Wells inaugurated the site today with a very revealing – and just as disturbing – tag team with omnisexual gossip monger Liz Smith:

MARY: Do you think there are lots of people out there that you would be attracted to? I know I’m not attracted to lots and lots.

LIZ: No, I’m not either. And I’m always very amused – being rather “gender indifferent” as I have been – that people always assume if they see me with some woman, that I’m automatically interested in jumping on her. I always think that’s hilarious.

JONI: I just realized, Liz, that you have doubled your chances to have a good time!

JOAN: I love the description, “gender indifferent.”

LIZ: I don’t care what people call me, but I never liked to identify myself as one way or another because I always felt I might be cutting off one of my options.

JONI: I’ve heard you say many times from the podium, “You know, I’ve slept with everyone in this room!”

Excuse us while we revive our libido…

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