BAR Totally Got It Wrong...

Log Cabinites Have Something To Say

Say what you will about California’s Log Cabin Republicans, but they’re speed demons when it comes to taking on liberal media.

Within minutes of our Arnold Schwarzenegger post in which we discussed the California Governator’s gay-loving/appointing ways, the group’s director, James Vaughn sent us a little letter taking on Bay Area Reporter‘s article.

Read all about it, after the jump…

As promised, here’s Vaughn’s note:

A recent article in the Bay Reporter gave an incomplete picture on the number of gay and lesbian appointments to staff, boards and commissions. There are approximately 22 members from our community who have been appointed. Over half of them have been Republican. There are many more of our members under consideration. If you would like to be considered for an appointment to a state board or commission, please contact California State Director, James Vaughn ([email protected]). We heartily applaud Governor Schwarzenegger for his strong record of inclusion for both his appointments as well as his legislative record in signing 19 pro-equality bills.

Mr. Vaugn also informs us that they have, in fact, lauded gay appointees in the past, despite what Bay Area Reporter’s report:

There have been no recent appointments of Log Cabin members or Republicans so the article is misleading in that regard. The recent appointment was a Democrat classmate of mine from Harvard. We think the Governor’s record speaks for itself and don’t feel the need to tout the Democrats who are appointed. Usually the other organizations are quick to claim credit. Why they haven’t touted these endorsements is up to them to explain. We touted the recent Log Cabin local appointments including one you missed of Andy Hirsch to the Natural Resources Commission in Palm Springs. So Scott Schmidt and Any Hirsch are new local appointments and we hope to announce more state appointments in the coming months.

We’re sure you do, Mr. Vaughn.

The gay GOPper also wanted us to point you kids toward two of their sites: How Gay Is Your California GOP Senate District? and How Gay Is Your California GOP Assembly District? They’re totally the hottest gay websites around. And when we say “hot,” we mean geographically and politically specific.