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Looking Creator Explains How The Patrick-Richie-Kevin Love Triangle Came To Be

maxresdefaultI mean we didn’t want to do something very typical and, ‘Which one is he going to pick?’ so we sort of focused on going deep in those relationships on their own. It’s more about Patrick and Kevin and what they understand about each other and what they don’t understand about each other and their conflict there within that. On the other side, how are Richie and Patrick feeling about each other after what happened in the first season?

It’s not quite so much about playing off each other and the jealousy. It’s really about Patrick and his emotional world and just what those people activate in him and what choices he makes based on that emotional life. Love triangles are a classic way to talk about a character’s emotional world and the choices they make. We really tried to focus on going deep with Kevin and then going deep with Richie, and what does that mean to Patrick, not about the jealousy and the rivalry.”

— Looking creator Michael Lannan in an interview with Towleroad