Looking For A Gay-Friendly Thanksgiving, Or Have Room At Your Table?

Artist's conception.
Artist’s conception.

Well now this is a mighty fine idea: Redditors over on /r/ainbow have started a sort of Thanksgiving-dinner matchmaking service.

The idea’s simple enough: if you’re going to be alone on Thanksgiving, you can post as a [guest] that you’re looking for someone to celebrate with. And if you have room for a few guests, you can post as a [host] that folks are welcome to come by.

This is just the thing for folks who’ve just moved to a new area, particularly if it’s not the gay-friendliest of locales. Or if you can’t go home because your family is homophobic. Now you can celebrate the holiday with new friends, and maybe meet someone special. (Or just eat. Whatever.)

Already there are some posts from Nashville and Richmond and Tampa Bay. Go add your details and make some new pals!